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you may as well start to heckle me because i said no too. i find it strange the family has to make john out to be some rock star. i loved his music too but find no need to provide my treasured photos of john to help find them. i want to remember as i chose. the family has plenty of photos and i am sure video too of him just being john. so WTF. so come out sat 6/28/08 and start to heckle ill be there.

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  1. J.M.Y. says:

    Jeez!? I can say one thing, if John & I were still in the same band (GOD helping we will be again)…there would’nt even of been a second thought, to provide all I could to help find him! I did have a audio CD of us, which I gave a copy of to Stef, (without even being asked) !! Oh YEAH, John is as good a guitar player as any pro I’ve heard or played with in my 39 years in music, his family doesn’t have to make him out like a Rock-Star…He simply IS!

    Stef & Tommy, Sorry I’ve been kinda thin for a bit, but you heard what happened, I hope. Hope some new info breaks soon!?

  2. bk says:

    Classy man. Truly.

    Who is making him out to be a rock star? He’s a guy who is missing and probably dead. Understand? You feel no “need” tor provide photos to help find him? Well ok then. I’d say that slots you in the a-hole class….buts that just me.

    Cant copy your “treasured” photos?

    Your post is really pathetic. Especially on a site dedicated to finding him.

    “WTF” indeed.

  3. Well to us John Spira is a star in so many ways and we’ve always been extremely proud of his musical and other abilities. I bragged about him every chance I got. We have always and will continue to say only good things about him because there are only good things to say. John is extraordinary and those who know him know it’s true.

    I understand that Kurt Swanson is the owner of the photos and does not have to provide them to us. The ones I’ve seen are excellent and at this point we simply want them because they are professional quality photos that we don’t have. In fact, we’d like any pictures of John out there that we don’t have. We have offered to pay for the photos but have been refused.

    What I don’t get is why Mr. Swanson “treasures” the photos he has of John since, in his opinion John is no rock star and in an earlier email to me, he stated that John was not a friend, only a client he met half a dozen times. Here’s one of the emails I received from him. It was in response to my one question to him asking who he was and why he told a Chicago Tribune reporter that John did in fact play as scheduled on 2/24/07, the night AFTER he disappeared which was completely false.

    From: kurt swanson
    Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 7:24 AM
    Subject: Re: John Spira
    Size: 4 KB

    first of all i may have been in johns presence a 1/2 dozen times sincei met john at the 2004 bluesfest. i am a freakin photographer that shoots bands, im not his @#$%#$ babysitter. next i have nothing to do with this situation so quit f@#$#$ brining me into it. also evan if i did know where he is .. i do not share personal info about my clients. if you want to know who i am look inside the latest rabble cd and you will see my name as the photographer.DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN ABOUT CHICAGO JOHNNY.he is a client and thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kurt Swanson

    This email was followed up by 2 other equally nasty emails, including one that insinuated he was instructed by Rich Reminger of the Rabblerousers to tell the Trib John DID play on Saturday night. It’s significant because the fact that John missed a gig, amongst other things, is what made us realize something terrible had happened. Plus, when the Trib was told that John played on Saturday night they didn’t want to run the story about him.

    So why does he care so much if we have John’s photos? I still don’t understand. By the way, to his credit, Mr. Swanson later apologized for his rant.

    Stephanie McNeil

  4. dmmmh1 says:

    Has anyone contacted dekalb county as there is a 28 yr old mzn who also went missing and body nevered recovered Brad Olson of maple park, il.

  5. bk says:

    Wow…..what the hell is going on here? That email from the “photographer” (obviously a brain surgeon) is beyond belief.

    Really wordws cannot describe.

    I really feel for the family. It seems like this case is beyond weird and everywhere you turn instead of getting help you are being given the finger.

    I dont get it.

  6. In response to dmmmh1, we have been working closely with the family of Bradley Olsen since we met last May at one of our searches. Brad’s family continues to search for answers as do we. Thanks for your post. Stephanie

  7. dj says:

    There is no ‘heckling’ going on here, it is plain and simple that a man has gone missing and all the people who have loved and admired him (for more than just his music) are concerned observers who are just overwhelmed with shock and confusion over this entire process. Only to add to their grief is this ‘photographer’ who is holding onto pictures that the family would treasure. To say they ‘have enough photos’ of their own is completely absurd, as obviously you have never felt the despair that comes with losing someone you love, as your lack of any kind of empathy during this excruciating time in Johns family members lives, has clearly shown. As it seems, your hoarding of these pictures has only depicted you as the one who seems to be treating John as the ‘rock star’, as you are acting like an over obsessed fan who won’t let go of he greedy little treasures. What would be the big deal to make copies and give the family photos that they would treasure. Look at it this way photographer man… if there are no more ‘photo ops’ and what ever is left on earth of someone you love, wouldn’t you want absolutely EVERYTHING of that person?
    Maybe you just don’t have the depth of understanding to conceive of this?… I am hoping SOMETHING will touch you and you will finally see the light here. It isn’t like they have asked you to donate a kidney or anything, they just wanted copies of their loved ones photos.

  8. Nancy Kostro says:

    I heard John Spira play many times, at bars, in his home, at backyard BBQ’s and his talent never ceased to amaze me and never failed to give me goose bumps. He was an amazing man in so many ways besides being a gifted musician. With that said, I am completely shocked that Kurt Swanson could be so cold-hearted and insensitive toward another human being and his devastated family. There is simply no justification for such behavior. I am greatful that there are NOT more like him out there. SHAME ON KURT SWANSON!

  9. Lisa Caetano says:

    Boycott this man’s “services” until he can get a better attitude & some respect for other human beings. What a douchebag.

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