Body found in Des Plaines River is not John

Most of you probably already heard that the body found in the DesPlaines River was not John. Though I didn’t think it would be it’s nonetheless disappointing because we all want this to be over finally.

What I find interesting and appalling at the same time is that the national media, which was all over this story when they thought it might be Stacy or Lisa, failed to even slightly follow up on the story when it was determined the body was a male. Why don’t the producers of the national media news outlets believe that America would be interested in a story of a missing man? Some of the local news outlets did report on the story. Ben Bradley from ABC news always does a great job in reporting on John’s case and asks the same question. We also had stories in the Chicago Trib, Kane County Chronicle and WBBM and we’re always thankful to those who report the story. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that if there’s not media attention on the case, then there won’t be any resources either thus media attention is a must.

That being said, we will get some national exposure once Investigation Discovery airs it’s one hour episode on John. It was supposed to air in the spring or early summer but looks like it’s been pushed back to the end of the year. I’ll do a post once I know the air date.

Thanks for all your emails and support while this was going on; they’re much appreciated! Stef

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