Body in Des Plaines River

I’ve been told that the body in the Des Plaines River is that of a male rather than a female as first thought. A couple reporters have called asking what I think of that and while I was shocked when first told by one of the reporters, I’m not thinking or hoping that it’s John. I am hoping they are able to positively identify the remains soon so some family can get a little closure. I have contacted the Will County Coroner’s office so that they are aware of John’s case. It would be nice if the national media would put the spotlight on John’s case based on this recent revelation but they just don’t do missing men.

As far as the “investigation” into John’s case, seems we’re at a standstill…again. We don’t have any events planned for the summer; it’s too hard to search in the brush but if and when we have another search we will post the info.


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  1. Deb says:

    Our thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family, always.


  2. Maria Baca Meachum says:

    Dear Spira Family,

    I have been waiting and waiting for the news to post the DNA results of the body found in the river because I had this weird feeling it was going to be male, and not female like everyone “hoped(?). All I know is I hope that they can make a positive ID and let some poor family have closure, but mostly I hope it is closure for you. I know it sounds aweful but I just know this can mean an end to the agony that has been your wait. Anyone who ever met John knows he did not up and walk away. He would never do that. I pray you find peace soon. Maria Baca Meachum

  3. Love says:

    I live in the Chicago area and im 15 years old and my aunt lisa went missing 2 years ago. Hopefully it is your loved one that they have found, at first we were hoping that the body found in the Des Plains river were those of my aunt lisa, but apparently thats not the case, i wish you family the best, and i know what johns family is going through, i am having a really rough time with all of this because you never really think that anything like this could happen to you, but i am a real person and i know how it feels. I honestly hope that this could bring johns family some closure.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. You’re right; John would never have walked away from his life, not ever. And to Love, I hope that you and your family find some answers soon. I think about your family often.

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