Breaktime’s over….

Well it looks like we’ve reached another roadblock in the investigation. Though the police agreed they’d work with Tad Dibiase they keep saying they have to check out his “resources”. Can’t help but feel we’re getting the runaround.

Sue Olsen’s son, Bradley, disappeared a month before John. No physical evidence but the police in that case are and have been calling this homicide since early on. 4 grand juries have been convened.

Why not in this case? I wish I knew what was different….

Update to this post (4/13/10) Looks like the police are moving forward and allowing Tad Dibiase, the no body murder guy, to go ahead with his investigation. Keeping my fingers crossed he finds something….

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  1. Cubby says:

    I am so glad you are back!

    I am praying for your brother. Just stay on DuPage County!

    I don’t know why they are not investigating ALL avenues of your brothers case. It bugs me to no end, no one from the cable company is cooperating. what about Johns employee’s?

    Did DuPage ever subpeona information on the business contracts John and his business partner had at the time? where they working new construction in the area.

    I’m going to add this link to my facebook and ask others to pass it along.

    Praying for answers to Johns disappearance.


  2. mike says:

    i watched that thing on discovory with the sighn and the building burning i would try that sighn thing again and put one of thos animal cameras up when someone walks by to tear down the sighn you have some one to catch and question maybe????? idk if that was done but i would try it

  3. Kelsey Thayer says:

    I just saw Johns’ story on discovery ID. I Feel for you. I havent read anything on your website but thought while watching, I would put up a 3rd banner in the same area and video the site and see who is destroying it and catch that person for answers. of course you have probably done this but the show didn’t specify it.

  4. uberasianmaster says:

    Hey I watched the show today about John Spira. It seems very intersting, as there could be some possibilites about what happened. The first one could be since there was a snow storm, he could have been outside, and somehow he became lost or injured by machinery, and because of that, he would have been buried in snow during the time when police made most of their search efforts. It’s unusual 1 that he disappeared during this time, and the fact that a snowstorm happened, and his almost devorce wife was going on. Aslo the missing plastic really means one thing, someone probley stuned, or blowed him to the head or vulnarable part of the body. Then someone could have rapped him in the plastic and easily buried him. If his car is still there, we know he completed his work hours, so something must have happened as he was exiting the building/ in the parking lot before he could get to his car. The fact that someone 2 yrs later ripped up the sign and burned the company was that they were probley involved, and either did this to terrorize the family and end / intimidate the case, or reconized that the family was getting too close to finding john. Most likely it is someone in the town, a worker or friend. What you should do is make multipul signs around town, what you should have done 2 yrs earlier, and assign people to to watch them during the daytime from a parked car around 50m away with binoculars, or someone with nightvison binocluars during the night/ installing a light source by each sign, so if anyone tries to take them apart, the person watching them can use some sort of recording/ camrea device so that you can find out who is doing this. Then the police should be able to interogate this person. Also when you are talking about phone ping, they said after a few hours after work the phone was still pinning, so this mean he was making calls or not, if not and the phone was just working, then someone who had rapped him the plastic rap could have buried him within the area (his phone was still on him when he was possible wrapped). Also, the phone would have stopped pinging because once he was buried by this person, he would have lost reception. I doubt the phone lost battery power because he may have charged it within the 6 hrs it was pinging. So his body may still be in that radius zone, besides anyone carrying him would have a hard time it was a snowstorm. This would also explain not finding any electronics. When police searched the area, it didn’t seem like they went deep into the forest, also the snow would have covered everything. The dogs may have not been brought in for that part of the search area. If it was a worker, that person would have access to the digging equiptment, making their possible task of buring easier. Well thats my theroy, I hope it helps.

  5. Thanks for your comments and interest in John’s case. We’re hoping the show brings us some answers.

  6. Kris says:

    I live in Belgium and saw the show online. I commented also on TOPIX about John but I wanted to put something on here as well. I have found an unidentified body with as I put it on TOPIX the same weird shaped ear as John had IMO in some of his close ups but after thinking about it more, this person was found a year later and wasn’t decomposed or not much so the chances of it being John are slim but you never know!
    I am hoping for some resolution in this case because seeing the girlfriend cry made my heart break. I cannot believe some of the things not looked into that are so obvious even to outsiders! It’s a shame the way this case is being handled by LE. Don’t give up hope, John would be proud of the way you all are keeping his name and legacy alive!

  7. Kimberly DeNoon says:

    How extremely sorry I am for your loss.

    Several months back I remember watching a case where a family had posted a banner that was destroyed almost as quickly as it was hung. They discreetly installed surveillance equipment, and as a result they were able to identify and question the person who destroyed the sign. Have you considered rehanging the banner & a camera to watch it? Something tells me that if it bothered them before, it will again.
    God bless you and your family

  8. Candy says:

    Some theories…

    Since his car was at his office, he may have never left. I suspected early on that he is still in that building. Then, when they burned it down, I really believed that was the reason why. For someone to use plastic at the site, chances are they committed the crime at that site. I feel strongly that where you will find him is in the building. Check the floorboards, the walls, the roof for clues, and under the building.

    John must have been eager for his girlfriend to have dinner with him that evening for a reason. I think that he may have wanted to tell her something very important. John may have known something of a “whistleblower” magnitude, which may have upset more than a few people. I smell conspiracy or cover up. This is either work related or someone was following him that day and it all ended at his work site. This brings me to the theory that his ex-wife could be involved. What a coincidence that the very day he finalized his divorce, he went missing.

    Whoever tore down the sign is someone who frequents that area enough to have noticed the sign. I believe that the reason they tore down the sign near John’s company is that it was too close, physically, to the site of the event. It was too close to that building and therefore continued to draw attention to it. I also believe that is why the person or persons decided to burn down the building. I suspect that there is more than one person involved. It is brazen to risk tearing down a sign that large in public without cover in the form of a look out or someone with which to plan this devious action.

    Finally, John may have been tricked into meeting someone. I keep trying to figure why it was so urgent for him to have his girlfriend meet him for dinner. Perhaps someone else would be joining them and he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with something that this other person had used to lure John to meet him. Or, maybe this person was someone that left John feeling uneasy and so John wanted someone he trusted to join him. This other person may have been some sort of official.

    Maybe John was going to propose marriage to his girlfriend that evening and someone involved with those plans (perhaps hired by his ex-wife) met with him and for some reason ended up harming him.

    Things that I believe to be important clues are……..the building that was burned, the timing of this tragedy coinciding with the official end of his relationship with his ex-wife, the strong desire for his girlfriend to meet with him that day, and the missing rolls of plastic. I would also be concerned with whomever John was schedule to be meet that day, something that was mentioned in one of the articles.

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