Eight long years waiting for Answers…

On the eve of the Eighth Anniversary of my brother John’s disappearance, I am asking for help in finding the answers my family has been seeking for all these years.  What happened to my brother John?  Please help distribute this video with the hopes of getting the answers we all have been waiting for.  Anyone who knows what happened to John has been carrying a great burden all these years.  It’s time to come forward and give us all some answers.

Thank you for your help in distributing this video:




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  1. heatherandjim says:

    I am so sorry about your missing brother. I just saw his story on the TV show Investigation Discovery. I live in RI and never heard of his disappearance before the show. I’m sure the police were thorough in their investigation, but several questions came to mind. How thoroughly was his ex-wife investigated? Could she have hired a hit man? Did she have a lot to gain financially with him gone? (It’s interesting that he disappeared right after signing final divorce papers.) Why was she so sure he was not “missing” when first asked? Was it to purposely delay a search? Why did she want her face blocked out from the TV show? Another comment: you mentioned how you put up two banners across from John’s business and both were ruined. Could you try putting up another banner and setting up a surveillance camera on it? It also makes no sense that no cause for the business fire has been determined. Around here, they always seem to find clues pretty quickly as to whether a fire was set intentionally, electrical, etc. Good luck to you and your family and friends of John’s.
    – Heather P.

  2. AddisonBaxter says:

    Hi I saw the story about John today and it sort of made me think about other stories I have seen where it appears the police are shall I put it as nicely as possible “lost”. Have you ever heard of the Private Investogator Ken Brennan from Florida? Well if not google him. He is like a dog witha bone. He will not rest until yourcase is solved. Just at least call him–I think you would be impressed. He is an ex homicide detective I think, but has a special brand of tenacity.

    God Bless & Good Luck

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