February 23rd 2014 is 7 years to the day my brother John Spira disappeared.

February 23rd 2014 is 7 years to the day my brother John Spira disappeared.

When I say disappeared I mean he was murdered and the killer hid his body leaving his friends and family waiting, wondering, hoping, angry, sad and out for justice. This will be the year we legally declare John dead.

It’s a travesty that the people responsible have put us in this situation killing a piece of us a little more each day that goes by without knowing where he is. That is not to say we don’t know anything though. But, as awful as this anniversary date is, it is also the anniversary of a miracle.

On this day two years prior to johns disappearance my son survived a horrific accident after being impaled by a bicycle brake handle that landed just one millimeter from his carotid artery, millimeters from his optic nerve and narrowly missed his eye. So you could say this is a bittersweet day.


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  1. kimberly says:

    I’m so sorry for everything your family is going through ..I just saw the story on disappeared. …I wish and pray one day the person’s or person responsible for your pain will at least give your family so peace praying for you

  2. jhefy says:

    My name is Jeff, I am a ex contractor(injured out of my chosen trade) , I’ve moved on to becoming a PI in Oregon( Many of my abilities parallel the trade , I’m in the provisional stage right now). As I’ve been laid up, my education has gotten as mundane as TV! For personal latitude, I take in as many cases as I can, but this one has always bothered me.
    I know that a TV show misses details. Some for investigative reasons, others due to being inept. This is what I get. John’s partner watched him leave. (vague) He is missing, the plastic, the fire, the sign, etc. I call B.S.
    Who locked the gate? Why wasn’t John’s truck noted being there? No lie detector test’s from the two closest link’s(negatively to John). His ex is pricing equipment?!
    7 years, she’s dead, the acting investigation is lost at best. It’s always been my belief that if the money trail between his Ex and his ex-biz partner was looked at, someone would give. Now there is one person left, but, someone else knows. If John’s partner or ex did this, they had a hand. More than 4.( this would take 3 + people)
    Hopefully you could present the story to be redone after John is officially declared deceased( sorry for the bluntness), this may get the responsible person(s) comfortable, and sloppy. A concise time line, and a more complete story(rather than a 1/2 hour) could generate more leads. This case smells, and when families involved run into one brick wall after another, it only clarifies the clouded; People are dragging their feet! Best wishes, and expose this, J. Smith

  3. lowlowlinda says:

    Just watched the show regarding the disappearance of your dear brother, loved one, John. Was just wondering a couple of things, has the ex-wife been thoroughly investigated. Sorry, perhaps the show addressed that, I was pausing the episode and restarting it as I was going about my day, so I may have missed reference to the ex-wife as being ruled out as a suspect. Secondly, did anyone think of watching the area where you guys put up the banner that was torn down? Someone should have done surveillance on that second banner and subsequent arson of his business. I think that is where you may find some answers. So sorry for your loss and unanswered questions. I cant even imagine what you as a family and dear friends are going through. People are so evil and heartless. My only son, Spencer, he just turned 21, has been in a coma for the past 19 months and not knowing if he will ever return to me is somewhat comparable to your situation. Although, I feel yours is much worse, the not knowing has to be all encompassing. I don’t pray anymore, it doesn’t seem to work, but I am sending positive thoughts and energy to you and your family. Stay strong, you never know.
    With you in your search and close to your heart.
    Linda Clark
    Spring Valley, CA

  4. loulou says:

    Sorry to rant, but obviously the killer had and may STILL have a lot of anger and hatred toward your brother and those who love him, also a huge ego and got off on the power trip of tearing down your efforts to find him. Try it again, they havent changed. But this time record who comes to do it.

  5. dustinharrison says:

    I watched the disappeared episode regarging Johns disappearance and it really gripped me , I would like to make a suggestion and say based on the fact the large banner was taken down twice i got an idea to put another banner up and make it smaller this time and easy to remove so you can set up a sting and video record any activty or try to get an idea about whos behind this . This a very sad story and i hope there can be some closure at some point . i strongly feel it was the business partner and the ex wife working together on this to eliminate john for financial gain. please try my baner idea make sure you conceal the cameras possibly use a high quality hunting camera with night vision and motion detection.

  6. brimmy says:

    Hi am a lawyer from nigeria, I heard john’s story on “disappeared” now I know its been 7 years, but if what I watched is exactly what happened, then may be , just may be you all channelled your attention on his disappearance, and not the circumstances surrounding his supposed divorce? I didnt hear anything about his wife, did she even have a lover?was the investigation just that of a missing person or a criminal investigation? Whoever took him knew he would be at his office at that time, either someone who knew him well and also some one who knew the office environment well, I knew people wont be arround.now I dont care if his wife is as calm as a dove, if she is still alive, she should be questioned, and if u guys already did that, and no results, then lets all pray for john’s soul to rest in peace

  7. brimmy says:

    The fire outbreak at his office wasnt an accident, it was arson, could even be a colleague at work.when a man’s house or place of work is burnt, every supposed piece of evidence goes with it.atimes God calms the storms in our lives and at other times he allows the storm to rage, but whichever way, je llves us and has the best in mind for us, he will never forsake ur family, he will comfort you, I know it hurts not knowing what happened.

  8. kat0828 says:

    I just watched the episode of DISAPPEARED on Discovery featuring your brother’s story. My heart goes out to you and your family, and I pray that you will find the answers you so desperately need.

    After watching the program, I’m curious to know why John’s wife/ex-wife was never interviewed or even shown in a photo? (Her face was blurred in every image of the two of them – all you could see was her hair.) It can’t be coincidental that he went missing just days before their divorce was to be made final; with divorce papers unsigned, she is still his spouse and legal heir. (Surely the Chicago PD have looked into her possible involvement…haven’t they?) If so, what was the outcome? Also, who is the elusive “business partner” the show eluded to, but never named or interviewed? It doesn’t take an investigative mastermind to look at all of the facts and determine that something’s not right.

    Again, my prayers are with you and your family. I wish you all the best!
    P.S. Please keep updating the website!!

  9. Cmkjohnson says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I love that name; it is my daughter’s name as well. I often think of your brother and wish the mystery could be solved. Have you though about contacting the show Cold Justice? Those two ladies and their crew are excellent at getting information and providing answers. Here is the link to suggest the case to the show: http://www.tntdrama.com/series/cold-justice/tips/
    Best of luck to you and your family that this mystery will someday be solved. In the meantime, I will continue to think of Johnny and pray for answers.

    • Sorry for the long delay in replying. We’ve been having technical difficulties. Yes I did contact the show and they were interested but the police refuse to work with them for some reason so no go. More disappointment.

  10. Rose Sutton says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I live in Australia and watched on Discovery about your loving brother John and his story.
    A great injustice has been done to you and all of John’s family on his so called “disappearance”. Obviously someone John knew turned up to his office unexpected and whatever took place he was murdered as you say. The roll of plastic being missing is a certain clue and any one of the employees would have had access to machinery to sadly lay John in a unmarked grave. The removal of the banners I believe was because the killer was scared questions would be brought to the fore again. He was afraid someone seeing the sign would remember seeing a vehicle parked at the premises perhaps. Just as the burning of the business was done to remove evidence the killer thought would reveal a crime scene. It is so apparent to so many others what has happened but not to the Police. What are they hiding? His case should be reopened as a cold case and may I suggest you start a petition off urging that at least your attorney general or prosecutor does just this. Maybe a employee was stealing cables or contract information or John caught someone coming into the building so late? Never give up Stephanie as you and your Brother need to keep his story alive to bring your Brother home so you all have some peace of a ending. Maybe fundraise for a private detective to look into the case.

    Sending my love to you all and I hope someday soon you will get the answers you all deserve.


  11. vrod1204 says:

    My prayers go out to you bad your family Stephanie. I too have simply and I admire your strength and your will to keep fighting for justice. The wheels of justice for Johnny are turning very slow. I seen the episode on disappeared surrounding your brothers case and have frequently checked for updates on the case. So many things bother me about this case. I don’t understand why they have not ruled his business partner David Stubben a person of interest along with his estranged wife. Sadly she has passed and now all she knew has passed with her. Did the Dupage police dept investigate a possible affair seeing that she was to gain financially? One key point that stood with me is, the last person to see him alive was his business partner. He said ” that after their talk he went to his car and left. His car was found there and it never moved (meaning he never left after that talk) also what came about with the employees that verified the large piece of material that was missing from the company and what came about with the “bullets” that we’re going off while his business was being burnt to the ground? You should sue the dept . I hope that justice comes very soon for John and your family. I’d like to participate with handing out fliers or help out wherever needed when you fly into Chicago .

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