Happy Birthday John Spira

Today is John’s birthday; he would have been 48 if he’d been allowed to live. No doubt he would have been celebrating and probably playin’ his guitar somewhere.

If I could, I’d tell John how very sorry I am someone had to take him away from his life and ours, I’d tell him that I’m so, so sorry he can no longer play his guitar, fly airplanes, race cars, spend time with his family, his nephews. I’d tell him how sorry I am that he had to go missing in the jurisdiction of DuPage County and that I’m sorry they took down his missing sign. I’d I’d tell him how much I miss him and love him and think about him everyday. I’d tell him that I hope he didn’t know what was coming and felt no pain and I’d tell him that he will get justice. It’s just a matter of time. I’d also tell him how many people do love him and care about him and about all those who have been so gracious with their time to help us.

And again, I ask Dave Stubben and Suzanne Spira to take lie detector tests. Just do it already. What a great birthday gift that would be. If you’ve got nothin’ to hide…

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