Happy Birthday John!

I am more convinced today than I was 2 days ago about the truth of this matter and I will continue to seek justice for John for as long as it takes. And as I said, it’s my life’s goal to put those responsible behind bars. I only hope IL reinstates the death penalty in time.

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  1. Noureddine says:

    Just finished watching “disappeared”, and I am sorry about the sad news!
    Have you tried to put back the poster of your brother a third time, but this time with hidden cameras? Maybe you can catch the person who took them down before and ho burnt your brother’s business ! Good luck

  2. Chris says:

    It just seems so obvious that the ex wife did this and it was done in the place of business. The only reason you burn it down is so the crime scene cannot be processed. His body was wrapped in the missing plastic wrap and disposed of. Its a shame that the police force up there hasnt a clue

  3. Becki Gorsline says:

    I saw the show this morning about John being missing. I just read the homepage, and am I to understand this correctly????

    The business is co-owned by his ex and his business partner’s wife?????
    This meaning his ‘ex’ married his business partner??????

    Oh come on people, do the Chicago Police know what they’re doing????
    He was at a divorce hearing the same day…….this doesn’t take a scientist to figure out………..

  4. Jamie says:

    I saw his show on ID 2 days ago and can’t stop thinking about him. I too wondered why there wasn’t more focus on the wife during the show. They never mentioned that they even questioned her!!! It seems awfully coincidental that John disappears right after the verbal agreement for the long drawn out divorce but BEFORE the papers are signed. The truth will be revealed, it always comes out. Someone will get comfortable and start talking, hopefully to someone with a conscience. I read someone recommend a psychic and that may not be a bad idea at this point. I would have to see it to believe it myself but you have nothing to lose. The story brought tears to my eyes and I pray that you GET whoever did this. I believe that you will. Keep fighting for your brother, it will pay off.

  5. jose Manuel says:

    Good afternoon I’m from Venezuela state merida .. I saw on discovery in the program missing your brother and then my opinion is to continue fighting for your brother or seek to truly responsible for his disappearance I’m sure he was the one who burned the local ad and then I start my support from Venezuela for you

  6. Lizbeth says:

    I just watched John´s case on tv, dunno the name of the show in english as i live in Mexico. But i think it was ´disappeared´. I was hoping you would know something about him by now, but then i visited this site, and found out everything still the same. When i saw about the destroyed posters i thought this, why u never use a 3rd one, used a hidden camera and find out who was destroying them, then it would be easier to find out the person and know the truth. Just an idea tho, maybe u already tried that after that tv show was filmed.
    Anyway, i really hope u find out something about him soon, my best wishes and love from México

  7. Boyan says:

    Just watching it on Discovery ID… his ex-wife did this.

  8. Jacek says:

    Good afternoon,
    I will not propose any solution.
    You are Great family, please keep searching for John and true.

    Do not stop, our hearts are with You.

    Jacek Krajnik

  9. Patricia says:

    You mean to tell me that they can’t find what started the fire?? I wonder if the police have something to do with it all. I too am surprised that you didnt set up a camera to see who was destroying the banners.

  10. vladdy says:

    i think since he had the cable, and digging under gourd business that maybe someone that work with him had something to do with this case i think he maybe burred under ground by his ex partner or wife definitely has something to do with this case, i cant believe that chicago police cant do nothing about it, and i agree with someone ells comment that you should put a a huge poster again and put a hidden camera that is visible at night time and accept my deepest condolences its a tragic that this world is missing john who built his life so greatly and worked really hard to be a successful business man

  11. Nick says:

    Sad story and very mysterious as well. Sorry to here about your lost friend and family member. It is stories like this that make you wonder if police really are clueless, and whether or not they really care. I would think maybe a PI could help the family out. Im sure everything in your power has been done at looked at. It hard to say without knowing the whole situation, but hopefully some leads arise for you.

  12. Pat says:

    Suzanne is guilty! Bless your family for this hell you are going through. May God give her everything she deserves and bring justice while she is breathing.

  13. Rachel Leyden says:

    I’m so very sorry. I already wrote on your other blog but this case bothers me so very much! The show left me w/ A LOT of unanswered questions. I hope & pray that the police got a search warrant for Johns business & residence. I feel that John was wrapped in the plastic and buried underground possibly near his business. The show “Disappeared” left me very frustrated cuz it appeared as if the police “dropped the ball”–I hope that wasnt the case. I agree with the other blogger where a P.I should be hired. Good Luck & God Bless!

  14. I would put so much pressure on his wife that she would have to confess or flee! Then maybe someone close to her would talk. She is GUILTY!!! In my opinion, of course:)

  15. dina says:

    I drove past the sign for years unaware of the story behind it, then caught the ‘Disappeared’ episode one night. Wondered why the sign was gone. How can the property owners not want to help by allowing the sign to be posted? Is there somewhere else in the immediate area where the sign can be placed? It belongs there. Now I watch the new building going up and it seems so wrong. The killers should not be able to profit from this company that was his and that he was murdered for. It is appalling that Suzanne and Dave seem to have gotten away with murder. I’m sure the police are aware that they are the killers — it has to be a matter of not having enough evidence to charge them. Don’t give up. I imagine your brother is very proud. We’ll keep checking the site and praying.

  16. jennifer shivel says:

    So…..what DID the wife die of? Let me guess, drug overdose OR via :suicide” gunshot wound to head by the only surviving co-owner so that no witness/co-conspiritor would ever talk??

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