John Spira 4 year anniversary

Yesterday marked 4 years since John’s murder. I can’t say this enough: it’s time for the police to stop blaming John for his disappearance and start calling this murder. Dave Stubben and Suzanne need to be persons of interest or, better yet, suspects. If they disagree they can take lie detector tests instead of continuing to refuse.

I spoke with Suzanne around September of 2010, near John’s birthday, and she adamantly defends Dave Stubben, but when asked what her theory on the matter is, she said “I have no thoughts on the matter because I wasn’t there”. Yep, that’s what she said. If she has no thoughts on the matter, why does she think Dave had nothing to do with this? And why, after John’s disappearance while I was at Dave and John’s office, did Dave suddenly have to leave to help Suzanne “shovel snow”? Again, Dave and Suzanne, if you had nothing to do with this, take the test!!!!!

Yesterday, with the help of my good friend Marissa, we were able to pass out over 750 flyers at the Ogilve train station. Many thanks to Tammy and the other train station employees for allowing us to do so. Also, thanks to Beacon News, ABC7 and Kane County Chronicle for doing stories for us.

One interesting thing I read today was that Sheriff Zaruba actually made a statement for the first time ever which makes me wonder if any detectives are assigned to this case anymore, I’m thinking not if Sheriff Zaruba had to give the statement. He also said that an unknown person or persons were at the business after 7 which is new info. Could he have gotten the facts wrong? Dave Stubben was the last to see John. So I’m confused.

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  1. Amy says:


    I saw John’s story today on Disappeared and wanted to give my condolences to his family and friends. That’s a shame that there is still no end to his case. I hope that some day peace can be brought to everyone and put his soul to rest peacefully. My thoughts and prayers are with those who knew and loved him. Don’t give up, don’t lose the hope.

    God Bless,

    Amy from PA

  2. PSolver says:

    Dave Stubben is your man. He conjoled Suzanne, promising to split money with her from the business which was in trouble, knew he was double dealing her and she would eventually realize she was also conned and would fold, he tore down those signs staring in his face, burned the building for insurance payout, and just plain hate cause the investigation would not go away. He callously has no remorse and hated John for finding out his cheating ways with the business and sought to come out on top. RIP John, you trusted a con and a so-called friend of 20 yrs,

  3. Jeremy Carter says:

    Saw John’s story on “Disappeared” and was touched by how loved he was by family and his community. This man didn’t seem to deserve any wrong doing to him. I wish all you guys and supporters luck in bringing justice to those responsible!

  4. Daniel Z. says:

    I just saw the episode for John’s story on Disappeared, via Netflix and want to say that I am very sorry for your loss. But a quick question: on other shows like this I consistently hear detectives say that the husband is always the first suspect, so why was his wife never a suspect? She seems to be the one with the most to gain with John out of the picture, at least that’s the impression I got from the show. Especially with comments that John had given her an ultimatum. She was also reluctant to file a missing person report with police. And why is she not assisting in the search? Also, didn’t her daughter commit murder?

    One other question that I think should be asked is not how the fire got started, but why burn the business down? Maybe there was crucial evidence to be found there? Or maybe something else that I am too embarrassed to mention as I don’t have all the facts. Either way, I did get the impression that the detective interviewed is maybe not the ideal person to be on the case. Request a different investigator if possible, or try and take it to the FBI.

    As a Chicago resident, I found myself very angry watching the show, as it seems like very sloppy police work, with very little effort to pursue the case properly.

    I am a local video producer and as the 5th anniversary of his disappearance approaches, I would gladly help you produce a small video for web posting in order to continue to bring awareness about this case if you’d be interested.

    My prayers are with the entire family.

  5. Chad Mitchell says:

    As an outsider and just finishing watching Disappeared, it seems as the soon-to-be ex-wife would have been an immediate suspect, but apparently that is too obvious.
    Hope your family finds answers and closure and be sure that those who THINK they got away with something, eventually will be held accountable for their actions.
    Your bro seemed like a really cool guy…

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