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John Spira – Chicago Johnny Is Missing: Help Find Him!
MISSING since Friday, February 23, 2007, 7:00 pm. from West Chicago, Illinois.

John Michael Spira, 45 years old, 5’8″, 165 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. Resident of St. Charles, Illinois. Last seen wearing blue jeans, black turtleneck sweater, black shoes, olive green aviator jacket.

Please call 630-407-2326 with ANY information.

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  1. Walt460 says:

    I am new to this mystery, so first let me say to the family & friends of John that I am very sorry to hear John’s story and my heart goes out to you all!

    As to the mystery of his disappearance, I do not think he just left town and started over. Feels more like some wanted John to disappear and made that happen. So that leads to motive; who would benefit from John suddenly disappearing?
    –John’s wife
    –John’s Partner in his business
    –A competitor of John’s Business
    –Someone that objected to John dating his girlfriend

    As to who actually committed the act of removing John, it appears very likely that either it was a professional, he was abducted, or John never left his office alive that night, as his partner committed the crime.

    1.) Were John’s vehicles parked where he normally parked them?
    2.) When his partner left for the night (after John left), were John’s vehicles parked in their normal positions.
    3.) Who of the above potential suspects could have access to a Professional hit person?
    4.) Was John’s wife’s daughter in Prison at the time of the disappearance?
    5.) Can we get the details of the trace on John’s cell phone from the time he was at his office until the time at which the phone stopped working?
    6.) Did John have a routine for charging his cell phone? Would the phone have been fully charged when he left his business that night?
    7.) How much time passed from the time John left his business until the phone stopped?
    8.) Were his wife’s bank records every captured and studied for unusual fund movement before and after John’s disappearance? How about those of his partner?
    9. Did John’s wife have a brother, a son, or a serious boyfriend?
    10.) Were John’s financial records reviewed in detail? Could he have actually met the financial terms of his upcoming divorce?
    11.) How much time elapsed from when John had his last phone contact with someone from his office that night, to when some 3rd party can verify the whereabouts of John’s Partner?
    12). Was the driver’s seat position of John’s Ford Excursion in the normal position for John?
    13.) Where did John keep the duplicate keys for his vehicles?

    I am sorry to be late to this story and to be so ill-informed, I apologize in advance if my questions here offend anyone or have been answered before. I am just attempting to understand more of the details regarding John’s disappearance. I admit I have done little research to this point, but what I have done sure brings a LOT of questions to mind.

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