John Spira ID Discovery Show Will Air 3/15/10

Finally, the show we taped a year ago will air on 3/15/10. It’s already been advertised but I’m not sure what channel; it’s on cable. If you scroll down you can see the sneak peak. Please tune in and spread the word!

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5 Responses to John Spira ID Discovery Show Will Air 3/15/10

  1. kathy says:

    Ive just watched the programme on John Spira, it must be so distressing to the familiy, i was just wondering being that the banners were torn down on two occasions, whether another banner had been put out, and the place staked out to see who was destroying them. I hope you get the answers you deserve.

  2. Welshbunny says:

    I live in the U.K. and have just watched the programme regarding your brother and son. I find the whole thing very disturbing, especially where Suzanne and David Stubben are concerned. I understand she has now moved. Do you know if these two still have any connection.

    Please also accept my thoughts and prayers that you are having to live through such a terrible event, and with no sign of closure.

  3. Angiegirl says:

    Sounds like a disgruntled employee. Was the plastic wrap out in the open for anyone to take? Apparently he never made it to his vehicle. Maybe the building was burned down because he was still in there. How about those big digging machines, could they have been used to bury him that day?

  4. Kim MacLuckie says:

    I find it very odd that John’s soon to be ex-wife was not considered a suspect. If they were meeting the next day because she had FINALLY agreed on a settlement – that night and next day were the only times he was still her husband. Didn’t the cops ever look into her financials? I’m sure he was worth a lot more to her dead than alive before their divorce became finalized.

  5. Andrea Rivera says:

    Just saw the show. Surprised they didn’t discuss the ex-wife (and the murder in her family previously – did she have mob connections?) and the business partner. They said John was at work, said good bye to his business partner and that was the last time anyone saw him…yet his vehicle never left the business…SO, what about the business partner?! They never talk about him at all that I remember. Apparently the show intentionally left out some information – didn’t want to show their hand, I guess. Frustrating to watch the show without the obvious things being looked into (like the person above said about posting another banner and staking it out…).
    Hope you find answers soon and sorry for your loss.

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