John Spira-Suzanne Spira

I just received an interesting email today; here’s the content:

Hi,I’ve written you before.I watched the Discovery Show last night. I sold John a mint ’64 Fender Champ amp a few weeks before his disappearance.He was very pleased. Several weeks after his disappearance I got a call out of the blue from his estranged wife Suzanne who told me she had seen my number on his phone bill and was wondering why and how John had come to call me in Alberta. I told her how the ebay sale went down and of the several phone conversations John and I had had about his gear. He had a 62/63 Fender Vibroverb that I was very interested in and I told Suzanne
that.She was very curious as to how much it was worth. I was perplexed at her cavalier attitude about John’s disappearance.I did send
off several emails at the time to the police,the media and others with my story.I never got any response from the police but someone in the media returned my email and we had several exchanges.I no longer have those emails,as I was using an address that is no longer active.
I thought John was a very nice guy and am sorry that he has not been found. If I can give anyone a statement I am available and willing.

I spoke with this man and he said when Suzanne called she was more interested in how he knew John but never asked him if he knew where John was nor did she seemed concerned about him; rather she was more concerned about how much the amps were worth. This makes sense because around the same time she was trying to have his antique amps appraised-this in March of 07; just a few weeks after he disappeared. Guess she had her priorities. SUZANNE, COME BACK TO CHICAGO AND TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wendy says:

    I watched the special this weekend and found the following to be odd:
    1) they mentioned the divorce several times but never spoke about the ex being a suspect or checking her out;
    2) they never talked about checking out the biz partner or others related to the biz; obviouly if a roll of wrap was missing, someone had to know about it and know how to get it. Also, if the girlfriend had to be boosted up by her friend to see over the fence, where she saw John’s truck, does this mean it was a secure entry? If so, that should really limit the number of people with access.
    3) Put the banner back up and put it within range of cameras (or use a big game camera) to see if the person comes back.
    4) Did the police check areas that had recently been dug by John’s biz – underground? Not just within the 3 mile vicinity of the biz.

    I am sorry for your loss – no answers. This is terrible.

  2. chicagogal says:

    I moved to Carol Stream in August 2007 and had always wondered about the sign. I remember when the building burned, but never knew or heard anything about the connection until the show aired a while back. I generally don’t watch that show, but was looking at the tv listings that night and saw John’s name and it connected in my memory that this was about the guy who was missing.

    I am so sorry that the police dropped the ball so badly on this. There really is no excuse for their behavior and they should honestly drag the ex-wife and ex-business partner back and force them to answer questions and say where John is currently waiting to be found.

    I noticed recently that the sign has disappeared and have wondered if there was a break in the case.

    I keep John and all of his family and friends in my prayers!

  3. Rene Labuschagne says:

    Why has NO ONE investigated the wife??? I saw this for the first time on unsolved mysteries today in South Africa and was surprised at a few things. The first banner was burnt…why wasn’t surveillance cameras put up after erecting the second banner??? John seemed pretty happy that he was finally getting rid of the wife and strange that on more or less the exact same day that she FINALLY agrees to his terms, he disappears. Was she ever investigated? I agree that all areas dug by Johns business around the time of his disappearance should be checked out. This is very sad. I hope with all my South African heart that things work out in the long run and I still believe in miracles so I’m hoping that John is found alive and well but perhaps with memory loss or similar.

  4. jeanette says:

    i have to agree with who ever wrote this blog…. theres something not right about the wife… did they check her finances? her wear abouts that day? even tho ppl get divorced wouldnt they still care a deal about the person? she didnt even file him missing before the family old her to….seems wierd to me.

    I feel so sorry for the family. must be horrible not knowing
    best wishes

  5. Kate says:

    I’m not from America, I live near Russia, and unfortunately i cant say anything about where he could be, is he alive, but i really hope that he is ok, and you will find him,or he will find you, nobody knows what can happen. Just belive, and be strong

  6. Steve says:

    Look at the wife. Period. How many of these type of cases end up as foul play with a spouse involved? Tell the police or DA to get off their asses and subpoena the wife. They will not until you say something. That is how they work. You may have to look for outside help from people more educated than the police. I will pray for a quick conclusion. I can’t imagine having a family member or friend disappear. Can’t even fathom it.

  7. Mary in Camden, MI says:

    I just finished watching Disappeared for the first time ever just about 15 minutes ago.

    So much does NOT make sense to me. There was no mention of the soon to be ex-wife as being a suspect. Now come on, a divorce was taking place and John had moved on and was happy. Mrs. Spira should be investigated and given a lie detector test. Why did she wait to finally file a missing persons report? Because she needed the time to hide whatever it was se had done? She would have most likely had knowledge of the plastic since she was John’s wife.

    My heart goes out to the Spira family.

    Mary in Camden, MI

  8. jeff asch says:

    i watched the show this evening and couldn’t believe what i saw …what is wrong with the police there ??? i’m a stranger and i can figure out this so called ” mystery ” . there’s no mystery about it . why in the world aren’t the ” authorities ” ( yeah , right ) dragging suzanne spira by her hair into a prison cell ??? she is the oh so obvious murderer of this man and she’s barely even mentioned in the ” disappeared ” episode . the police there make the keystone cops look like the fbi …. and i just have to ask , after the the 2nd banner was put up why in the world was there no surveillance put up !!!??? are u kidding me , that’s 2 + 2 for gods sake . i mean this woman finally agrees to the divorce terms and then john disappears …… this isn’t brain surgery , guys . this family needs to do something about this sub moronic police department they have there . i also understand this suzanne pig won’t even take a lie detector test and the police are picking their asses on that one too . that one lead cop with the ears the same size as rhode island is the biggest goof i’ve ever seen in my life . whoever put him on a payroll for anything but bagging groceries needs to have their head examined . this is such a joke . what a sad , ignorant , naive , and idiotic country we live in …i’m honestly embarrassed to live here . this is sickening , my 10 year old can see she’s guilty .

  9. Vicki says:

    That was my very FIRST thought…”put up another sign and watch somehow to see if someone comes back to destroy it!” Its appalling how many things went undone. The search could have started earlier if they had taken Renata Bielskis’ concerns more seriously. She couldn’t put in a report because she wasn’t next-of-kin. This is ridiculous. When you’re faced with the hard facts that the man didn’t do ANYTHING in his normal routine, it should be no question that it needs to be looked into. What if the person has no immediate family to speak of and only has close friends? This needs to be changed and they really should have checked deeper into his divorce. I hope and pray this can be solved in time for his family and friends to have some resolution.

  10. Cubby says:

    Hi Stephanie.

    Off topic, but I came here hoping there was an updated blog post about the recent news articles on the John Doe found in spring of 2009 and the confusion regarding the DNA tested with that Doe.

    I’m confused. In the news article Dawn Domrose from DuPage indicates they collected and submitted DNA from a hair brush and tooth brush? Did Dawn Domrose confirm the DNA collected from Johns family was not submitted? I got that impression from the article; that DuPage did not submitt the dna collected from Johns family but only submitted what they think was his DNA from the tooth and hair brushes. Can someone clarify this for me?

    Also, did John normally wear button fly jeans? I seem to recall they were the fad for a bit, but not so popular now? Or not that I notice. (I don’t pay much attention to fads).

    Did John normally carry his money in his pants pocket and not use a wallet? It sounds as if this John Doe did not have a wallet. Did the coroner ever tell what kind of money? was this ‘small change’ like a transient might have carried or larger denominations?

    Stephanie, did you get the brand name of the guitar picks found in this John Does pockets and do you know if that was the brand John regularly used?

    Also, have you spoken directly with the Will County coroners office regarding this John Doe? In the past, when submitting possible matches between john or jane does and missing persons I tend to get much more interest and communication/feedback when speaking with the medical examiner handling the john or jane doe case than I do with the police agency handling the missing persons case. Just my experience….

    Also, has it been confirmed the Center for human identification down in Texas will in fact compare the DNA to that collected from the family? I know they can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to get DNA tested and they have a super long back log. I know it will take time. I seem to think or recall there might be a second agency in Massachusetts that does the DNA too, but off the top of my head can’t recall the name of the agency, but know someone to ask. I wonder if that is an option due to the length of time it may take in Texas. Stephanie, if you are interested I would be happy to find the name and contact info for the agency in Massachusetts, and confirm they do the DNA thing for identification there too.

    Sorry for all the questions. I was just excited to see this possibility in the media this last week and was surprised to see a seperate blog had not been posted regarding this possible new lead.

    I’m hoping you can answer some of these questions Stephanie. Also, if you wish to use this post as a question answer type thing for a seperate blog post you are welcome to. Otherwise I will check back here for any answers.

    Good luck and you have TONS of support backing you 100% to get this DNA issue resolved! Praying for answers for you regarding your brothers disappearance Stephanie!


  11. Hi, I have seen the case of the disappearance on TV. Why not put other posters search and wait if someone removes the sign?. Security cameras may also help. Tell the mayor and the authorities to reopen the case, make social pressure with several firms to reopen the case. Interviewing the former wife and Dave. Where are the investigative journalists?, Where is the pressure of the media?. Get signatures to reopen the case.

    Greetings from Iquitos, Rio Amazonas, Peru
    sincere support.

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