John Spira-we’re still working on this!

I know it’s been quiet lately but there are things in the works. Some that I cannot discuss publicly which have nothing to do with the police as they seem to be done with this case. They completely blew off Tad Dibiase who, by the way, graciously returned our contribution to our search fund.

We have a professional scuba diver planning a trip here to search some other bodies of water. He will be coming in the next few weeks so if there’s anyone who woud be interested in assisting please let us know.

The Disappeared episode has now aired all over the world!!! Thanks again to Ben and Stephanie for producing the show!! I’ve received so many emails from people who are concerned about this case; it’s amazing. The common themes are that the police dropped the ball, that Dave and Suzanne need to be further investigated and that this is clearly MURDER, not a missing persons case.

You may think time has eased my frustration but that’s not the case; it continues to grow and like I told Dave Stubben in my voicemail message to him in May of 07, “the shit’s gonna hit the fan” for those responsible. I would think that having John’s blood on your hands would eat away at you like a cancer… unless you’re a complete psychopath.

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  1. Jim Nething, Jr. says:

    John’s “Disappeared” episode is airing right now on Investigation Discovery. My prayers go out to all of John’s loved ones. May God be with you all during your difficult time.

    Jim Nething, Jr.
    Mars, Pa

  2. Rosie Moon says:

    I just saw the episode as well, and I hope to God that whoever is responsible is brought to justice. This is clearly a case of murder, and anyone who would deny the fact is out of their mind. My love and prayers are with him and your search for answers.

    Rosie Moon

  3. Unknown says:

    i watch it something bugs me when you post that poster up and it was tear down 3 times why didn’t you just sit there and watch the poster all night and see if the person came back. and you could have stop the guy or at least took his picture. i find it weird that someone try to tear it down or even burn the place it just don’t add up.

    anyways i hope you find the person one day god bliss you…..

  4. Jill Pippin says:

    I just wanted to know why when they paid to have that huge missing persons sign, posted across from John Spira’s place of business, and it was ripped down, why did they not post another, and stake out the area to see who tore the sign down? I would pay for another sign to be posted across from his business, and see if someone rips it down again.
    Also, and this I think is important, I would watch for potential land purchasers. Maybe it was someone who wanted John’s property, or place of business. Just a thought. I also think it’s very strange that the fire department can’t give a cause to the reason the fire started. That is their job. Especially for insurance reasons. They know why fires are started, and how they are started right away, I think they are full of CRAP!!!!! Good luck, please keep me posted on the on going investigation, I feel for your family. John seems like an awesome guy. And You are an awesome family for never stopping to look for him.

  5. Natasha H. says:

    I just watched “When the music Stops” on ‘Disappeared’, I am truly sorry you had to go through this, I can understand how frustrating it must be that the cops dropped the case. Disappeared talked a lot about his divorce, did they ever question his ex wife about his disappearance?

    I send my prayers out to all who loved and cared about John Spira, May God be with you all during your difficult time.

  6. Natasha H. says:

    I had forgot to mention, that if there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

  7. Keith Kratochvil says:

    I just watched his episode on ID. I’m from the area just east of where he lived and worked, I live in Florida now. If this is a case of him wanting to disappear (not my first choice of what to believe) someone knows something. His truck was found at his residence or business (I’m not quite sure which). A person who wants to disappear can’t just “walk down the road” and vanish. Someone took him somewhere, ie; a cab driver, or he took a bus, or rented a car, leased a plane………something the police have overlooked or someone is the missing link that will help open up this case if it truely is a disappearence. More importantly, I believe, this really is a homicide case. I remember watching another cold case show. There was a detective who was assigned to a cold case and he didn’t have a clue where to start. So he phoned a friend who was also a detective and asked him what he should do. His friend told him, “it’s simple, follow the money”. Thats where the case began to open up and was ultimately solved. The investigators (if they are not doing this, or not doing it thoroughly) need to completely examine the money trail. If this is a homicide, it will lead them to the killer, or killers.

  8. Debi Russell says:

    I watched the episode today and noted that his ex-wife to be was not ever considered and whoever took down both signs had to possible work for him or at least pass by there daily. I watch many, many missing person shows and have never seen the absence of the spouse as much as I did in his episode. If he was so happy, she had to have settled for much less than she wanted. Would love to be enlightened as he seemed to be an incredible person and my heart goes out to his family. But why is the wife / her connections not a possibility????

  9. denise says:

    i dont speak inglish but i think this case its very rare, i see the show in discovery channel y creo por lo que vi y entendi que la principal sospechosa es expareja de john, de quien se estaba divorciando, y uno de los principales lugares en los que deberian buscar es en la casa de ambos, esta persona no debe ser una persona sana mentalmente ya que tambien su hija participo en un crimen antes, por lo que pude ver, yo no se si la policia ha investigado esto antes, supongo que si lo han hecho y que muchas personas deben haber creido lo mismo que yo antes, pero creo que el unico camino de investigacion que deberian seguir, sobre todo por lo que paso con los anuncios que colocaron fuera de la empresa de john, les deseo mucha suerte, tengan mucha fe en dios para que puedan resolver este caso y encuentren la paz de sus corazones, me imagino lo dificil que debe ser para ustedes como familia vivir en la incertidumbre, que dios lo bendiga y los guie hacia la verdad.

  10. chaoticposha says:

    I watched John’s “Disappeared” episode as well. I was very disappointed that you haven’t found him yet. I felt really bad about it and I wanted to share my prayers with you all as well. I hope you will find out the truth soon. He is indeed a talented man. Wish you all the luck.



  11. chaoticposha says:

    I was wondering why didn’t anyone think of monitoring that poster you put? that person who tore it apart is responsible for john’s disappearance!! I was actually disappointed by the police reaction and overall efforts..

  12. Poor says:

    Have you thought about filing a civil suit for wrongful death against the two non-polygraph takers? I know that as long as a beneficiary is not CLEARED as a suspect by law enforcement, they are prohibited from receiving any life insurance benefits. Filing a wrongful death claim would benefit you and law enforcement, ie., burden of proof is much much much lower, plus potential bad guys cannot stay mute if they want access to insurance funds or want to protect future receipt of funds. A civil suit would force them to answer questions that law enforcement cannot force them to answer, plus you help police and insurance company in dragging feet to blocking criminals from profiting. Not sure what the statute of limitations is on the civil side, but if I wore your shoes, that’s where my energy would go.

  13. Sharon Faust says:

    I keep watching this particular disappearedd and I am truly sorry for your family but it makes me angry everrytime I watch it. It is clear and should be clear to the family and the police that his wife killed him or had him killed. Stop wasting your money with searches and find a way to make her or those around her talk and you will have your answers. She only pretended to agree with him and then she got rid of him that night. That is your answer. Good Luck and God Go With You All

  14. dug says:


  15. dug says:


  16. Melissa says:

    I think it would be worthwhile to put up another poster and try to monitor it. Even if you can’t afford to buy the equipment, you may be able to rent it. If the area isn’t well lit try to get night vision cameras. Secondly, how thoroughly investigated were the estranged wife and business partner? As we all know, most victims know their offender. I would think if the wife was reluctant for a divorce and he had to issue an ultimatum regarding the terms of the divorce, the wife would be the prime suspect! She obviously didn’t want it and as the wife, she stands to gain everything. When a wife is murdered the husband is always thoroughly investigated and when a child goes missing the parents are always the first to be investigated. I didn’t hear anything about the wife in this case which I find to be really odd. Even though they were estranged they were living together so she would still know his general schedule. It seems unlikely that he would disappear and not come home for 2 days which makes it really suspicious that she was reluctant to report him missing. Thirdly, I agree it’s important to follow the money here especially if a business partner was the last to see him alive. Can you privately hire a forensic accountant? I think it’s even more important since the cause of the fire cannot be determined. The wife and business partner(s) ultimately benefit from that. If you can I strongly urge you to hire a very good PI and forensic accountant, especially if the police department is that underfunded and understaffed.

  17. denny says:

    Has anyone considered the possiblity that your beloved family member was taken far away from his business so that searchers couldn’t find John? By the way seems very convinent for the soon to be ex wife to just suddenly agree to Johns terms. I pray John is found. The arrogance of the police is astounding. Seems to me that there should be evidence around the area where the signs were ripped down. Sounds to me like the police are dragging their feet. I pray that justice will be served and soon. I pray that John will be found soon. its been long enough. I can’t even imaging not knowing what happenend to John. God Bless all who know and love John.(present tense intended. I remain hopeful he is alive).

  18. NICKY says:

    Looking today ID Discovery Program, I just wondering about the Wife (widow) that in my opinion should be the primary suspect in this case, specially after hours away to finalize a long battle divorce, this has a Fishy smell!, and my question is why the Chicago Police stop the investigation? is kind of weird they should find out more about her money transactions and OBVIOUS motives, SHE WAS “SAVE BY THE BELL” and keep all the assets, the perfect timing! in my opinion this should be the beginning of the investigation NOT THE END!

    I know the Phoenix Police work with some professional people that has the ability to help giving leads to the Police I do not want to use the term “psychic” as this term is used mostly by charlatans, but there are professional people out there with this capabilities that may help to locate the body, I think will be worth to consider by family members as is nothing to lose at this point!

  19. kellian says:

    I just watched the episode. and i noticed how when you guys put the banners up so that others can be more aware and involved in john’s case, in 24 hours they were ripped up. i have a suggestion. although im 16 years old. you guys can put up another banner or more if you can. and set up webcams pointing in the direction of the banners. and hopefully if the person who ripped the other banners will do the same, and this time you will catch the person. but a word of advice, is to put up video cameras with night vision because most likely the person will attempt to destroy the banners at night. please try to see if it works. i hope it does. and i really do hope that maybe this can make this investigation ”boiling hot”. ((fingers crossed))

  20. Maggie says:

    I was just watching “Dissappered” and when you put that poster up why didnt you monitor that? you should put another one and install cameras on his bussiness or is there any other bussines that might have monitoring next to the sign that you posted or next to his bussiness???I wish you good luck ….

  21. Debbie says:

    I hope and pray that you find John soon this has went on for so long, I am so sorry that your family is going through this but stand strong for John he would be so proud of you guys for all you have done to find him,But I believe that someone there ate his work was in with his ex-wife and they have done some them to your brother I hope I am wrong but why don’t they work with the police at list to clear there name if nothing else.I will pray for your family for Johns return . And someone to pay for what they have done to John, I hope someone will come forth and tell the police what happen to John and where he is. Have you used a ground radar to check if there is any thing under ground? My prayers are with all of your family and friends and with Johns return.

  22. Debbie says:

    please keep me posted of case.

  23. Will says:

    I’m very sorry for what you guys are going through still. As I saw the show disappeared Just a few seconds ago and came up with a idea. If you haven’t tried this yet why don’t you put up another huge banner and have a PI or yourselves watch it and see if it is ripped down also. You can photograph the person and then give that to the cops and you may find a lead. When I Was a Special operations operator in the navy we used traps to set up for the enemy to lure them in. I really hope my idea will help. Contact me if you need some more help i will be more than willing. Good Luck and you and the rest of the family and John is in my prayers. I will help you get the man responsible for the disappearance of you son, friend and most of all get you some closer. I live in South Carolina. You made me want to get the man responsible for this horrible deed.

  24. Michael says:

    Count me among those who caught this case on ID’s Disappeared. I watch that show from time to time, so I’ve seen five or six episodes in the past.
    But never have I seen a case on there where so little evidence was presented.
    A missing roll of plastic and the missing banner/fire at the office building was all there was to go on from watching the show.
    Which is how I came across this blog…trying to find more information on Spira’s disappearance
    What strikes me about this case is the apparent lack of thoroughness of the investigators.
    To what extent have his business partner and his ex wife been checked out?
    If that avenue hasn’t been explored to the point of exhaustion, then those involved in uncovering the facts are either incompetent or unwilling.
    If the latter is true, then why?
    Who is being protected and why?
    Sorry, I don’t have any answers for you…but I sincerely hope that there is a break in the case soon.
    Just know that there are a lot of people out there thinking of you and praying that you will find some measure of peace in the face of a very tragic situation.

  25. al says:

    After seeing the map of the phone yellow area I wonder if anyone has looked into if there were any warehouses under construction in feb of 07. If any of the foundations were about to be poured he could have been burried in the gravel very quickly. I dont know if a body would smell through concrete, but if the cement was poured thin you may be able to ask workers of warehouse that were under construction at the time if there are any areas of the warehouse that smell. If the partner was in construction he would be comfortable on a construction site. And know crews go home early and there would be less people around industrial parks at night.

  26. IVAN says:

    Hi! im Ivan From Argentina i see this case in Discovery channel here when i saw this i can belive what happen with john i saw a few moth ago and i always see this we, I can belive the police there in USA is the same shit like my countrie police, is so obvious what hapend to John! Here we think u have the best country in the word but that sissapoint me ! i would like to give peace and Force to the spira family and her girlfriend , and know always Paid, and there going to pay what they do! look the future !
    PD sorry for my english

  27. tommy says:

    Tragic story. My heart goes out to the family.

    However, the only reason I came here and im sure it is the same thing for the majority of viewers of the show…

    WHY THE FUCK did you not monitor/video the banner the second night, im mean seriously, either the show is misleading, or you are all incredibly dumb. Unforgivibly dumb.

    And ok, your stupid, you cocked up, but why are there not more posters going up being recorded after it?

    Furthermore, it would seem entirely obviously that the wife did it. Her and here new man no doubt, if I was a member of he family I would be doing all I can to get a confession out of her. And remember to record the fking thing.

    If indeed the poster vibe is true, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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