Last weekend and new info

Last Friday we hung a very large banner with John’s pictures and information over the overpass on St. Charles Road where it crosses westbound 290. We stood out there for several hours and lots of people stuck in traffic were forced to look at it which is just what we wanted. Many people honked and gave us the thumbs up in support. All the news stations had originally said they would be there for the banner but due to Harry Potter and the couple who allowed underage drinking in their home, we were bumped. Thankfully, on Sunday night, Fox News did a lead story about John and we are very grateful for that.

In the news story, they broadcast some information that hasn’t been given to the general public. As everyone already knows, John was last seen at his office by his business partner who left around 7:15. On Sunday, the police searched the business and surrounding area. The new information is that an employee told the police that a sheet of heavy duty plastic was missing from the office. We find that interesting. Also, (this was not on the news) Texas Equusearch, an international search agency, has agreed to help us with our search and we are very excited about that. They have sophisticated equipment and many resources, and think that they can find John. We’re not exactly sure when that will occur but when we know we’ll post it on this website.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support! Stephanie

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