Media coverage for John Spira

WBBM, ABC7, Channel 2 and Kane County Chronicle all ran stories about John for the 3 year date. Thanks to them for their continued interest in the story. We need media on John’s case to keep things moving forward.

Tad DiBiase, the former federal prosecutor we are working with stated on WBBM that the police should investigate this as a murder. That has been something I’ve been trying to get them to do for 3 years; maybe now they’ll take a more serious look. Why the police continue to call this a missing persons case is beyond me; they know it’s murder; they know it is.

My goals for John’s case are (1) call it murder and (2) more national media coverage. Maybe if the police say this is murder we will get media coverage; and those responsible will feel a little more pressure than they’ve felt to date.

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  1. lauren says:

    I am so sorry that your family is going through this, My prayers are with you …. just was wondering, because I have followed john’s disappearance for some time… was there ever an investigation on the grounds of the fire? Very eerie that those events were so close. I am in the fire service as a paramedic, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of press coverage of a search for a body.which should have been priority in a missing person’s case was there an investigation for body recovery? god bless your family

  2. I have organized several searches myself. The police did assist a couple times and they also did their own search w/dogs. As far as the arson investigation, I have no idea what, if anything, was done. They came up with an “undetermined” for the cause of the fire; and don’t forget, the giant missing sign we had just put up disappeared around the same time as the fire. I don’t know if subsequent searches happened after the fire in the building; I can only hope. Thanks for your interest….

  3. curtis clifton says:

    i was wondering after seeing the program if there was a cam put up @ the site of the 2nd sign, if not maybe a third sign shoud be put up where it could be watched and recorded. i have a strong feeling since his truck was @ his business, someone conected to the business and the ex wife were envolved. follow the money. my preyers go out to the family and friends.

  4. jackie w says:

    I watched the show and wondered a couple of things. Was the exwife seeing anyone? When Renada went to his business to look for him she states she looks all around and no doors are opened. Is there a possibility he could have been inside at the time and moved before anyone could actualy get in? :(hey said he dealt with insurance claims were all of those investigated? One more thing was the truck. Was it checked for evidence?

  5. Viewing Officer says:

    Curtis Clifton and I think the same.
    Wanted to ask the same question about the sign. Also suggest another with a video…although I’m sure the bad guy reads this blog. Too bad they didn’t have a direct email to you for these types of suggestions that couldn’t be viewed by all.

    And, yes, follow the money.
    WHY didn’t the ex want to assist in the “missing” report?
    Partner was the last to see John when John left?
    Partner didn’t wonder why John’s vehicle was still there when HE left?
    Were partner and ex-wife involved with each other? Did they check into this? Phone records etc?

    Additional questions ~ Was his business ever processed for forensic evidence prior to the fire? Blood spatter ~ seen and unseen? Bullet holes? etc. If not. Why not? Missing Person or Murder…it should have been processed.
    What about his vehicle? Ever processed?
    Did they process the partner’s vehicle? If not, why not. Even though it’s been 3 years, it can still be done. Even if he has sold it, it should be hunted down and processed. Even it’s been cleaned of blood evidence, it can still be found in the vehicle if it was there to begin with.

    Did they follow up on John’s last phone calls?

    What is going on with the “divorce”. Is this on hold until it is discovered what has happened to John? Or did this go through.

    From what I was able to tell from the little bit they showed on the program, John’s business appeared to be somewhat in a remote area…no neighboring business or residences.
    If I’m incorrect, and there are neighboring businesses/residences were they checked for videos?

    I would definitely post a 3rd sign, e.g. “3rd Anniversary” sign and post it on the property where his business was if possible….along with many GOOD video cameras set up and undercover officers.

    Heavenly Blessings to you and your family! I will pray for
    Chicago Johnny!

  6. FreddyT says:

    I watched the ID program and agree with the comment from Curtis, my opinions, put more signs up with 24/7 monitoring to see if anyone tampers with them. If someone out there is indeed fanactic enough to destroy signs and a building they are probably connected. Yes, follow the money and keep pressure on the case with the police. Who on the force is assigned to it? Perhaps someone who’s expertise is in cold cases and /or a private investigator could revirw the case and put some pressure on the individuals that may be connected. Keep the faith someone knows the truth and eventually even though it may take years they’ll slip up or some other evidence will surface, but keep pressure and more persistent pressure on all fronts…….God Bless.

  7. Watcher says:

    I think the ex-wife was involved with a cop that is assisting in the cover up. Why didn’t the wife want to file a missing persons report right away? Why did this happen right before the divorce was to be finalized. Who took control of his assets? All very interesting, and suspicious.

  8. Got an Idea says:

    Hey I was watching this story on TV and when they were talking about the signs being torn down the first thing I thought about was why not put a video camera up and catch this person in the act I bet that would provide at least a link to a suspect…i dunno just an idea good luck to you

  9. Lisa Crow says:

    After viewing this story on TLC’s Disappeared program, I am convinced this is a murder & the soon-to-be ex-wife and business partner are both involved in John’s disappearance. I don’t understand why the local police are reluctant to bring in help from the state police or FBI! Obviously they are in over their heads and can’t solve this case on their own. Also, have you contacted a psychic? Please don’t discount the assistance this could bring to the case. Its worth a try.

    Finally, my thoughts & prayers are with John’s family & loved ones. This is such a sad & disturbing story. JUSTICE FOR CHICAGO JOHNNY!

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