Peterson connection

As we suspected, Drew Peterson did not work at Universal Cable. DuPage County Sheriff’s Department looked into the matter for us and confirmed that is was a rumor.

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  1. (Ms.) Shawn says:

    I know this is several months late, but I am so sorry to read about your brother’s disappearance. I recently stumbled upon several websites of missing children while searching for pictures of the parole hearing for a former CHP officer that murdered a college student out here in CA. I was astounded at the amount of missing children. My heart is so hurt, I cried the entire weekend. I began to feel that the LORD lead me to these websites (because I cannot tell you how I got to each of these websites) because HE wants me to do something to help. I have always known that people disappear, but I never realized how many children disappear and the viciousness of the criminal.
    I came upon a website for missing children and I got into a conversation with the web host. She led me to I began looking at it and found your brother’s picture. I wanted to hear his story. I was just listening to part 2 of your interview (as part 1 is missing). It lead me to do a search and find the story and I came upon this website (I hadn’t gotten to the part of your interview where you discuss the website). I was reading the blog about the banner and how the news media didn’t show up.
    I am appalled at our society and how we can place a level or priority of importance based on sex (male/female), class and race, and how much media attention this missing person will get. It angers me. I just want to scream at the fact that a movie star, politics, or a movie opening/book premier can take precedence over a human life that is in dire need of help.
    Your brother is just as important as the young blonde college student who disappears. He is loved by so many people. He deserves media attention, he deserves everyone’s best (beyond best) effort in locating him.
    I am sorry for going off, but it sickens me that our society has put the priorites on things and human life can take a back seat unless you’re rich, young, pretty/handsome, especially female. I am not saying anything that is not true. Things with our government(s) need to change.
    If there is anything that I can do to help, even though I am in California, I would be happy to.

  2. While searching for Blogs about Peterson connection « SEARCHING FOR JOHN SPIRA I found your site. Thank you for the effort you have put in.

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