Thank you to those who have emailed with questions, concern and support and those that have left blogs. As far as what is currently happening, unfortunately we have no leads yet. Our family does have its theories and hope they are being considered and investigated. The County of DuPage Sheriff’s Department has assured us that they are continuing to investigate John’s case. Regarding the media coverage issue, we were lucky in the beginning to get a lot of press and throughout there have been stories but nowhere near the scale of a Lisa Stebic case. We are happy Lisa is getting the press she needs and hope it leads to a resolution for her family. At the same time, we are perplexed by the fact that national news has no interest in John’s story, and all of you who know John, know how unique and special he is. Unfortunately, it seems that missing men don’t make good news stories. I wish I had more news to share and hope to have some news very soon. In the meantime keep emailing and blogging-it helps tremendously to have your support. Also, if you’d like to get involved, there is a bill laying on your governor’s desk waiting for his signature. It’s housebill 0194 – The Missing Persons Act. It serves to allow anyone, not just family members, to report missing persons cases, allows the police to categorize certain cases as “high risk”, and establishes protocol for DNA collection immediately, amongst other things. You can contact Governor Blagojevich’s office at 312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244, 207 State House, Springfield, IL 62706. This legislation is an important step in changing the way missing persons cases are handled. Please call the governor’s office and ask that he sign the bill. Thanks for your efforts, Stephanie

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  1. Olsen's says:

    Stephanie, I have passed this on to friends and family. I will make another call myself.

    We keep praying every day for an answer to these unexplained disappearances.

    Hugs, Sue

  2. jim says:

    I do find it interesting that when a case goes quiet that Law Enforcement would not use the press to there advantage. Any publicity showing that they are still investigating should always start more conversation and/or put pressure on any person involved in this disappearance. I am sure Dupage is still working on this case with what they know and they probably need help from anyone with any information to come forward. It’s just a matter of time but, every second seems to take years for a family directly involved in this situation.
    Might I suggest a flyer day? A day that a team of people just comb the area of where John was last seen. last lived, last worked, last visited, handing out flyers?
    Stephanie, you have been very public and have shown a lot of strength for representing your family in these tough times. DON”T GIVE UP!
    Thanks for you efforts Stephanie on getting this house bill passed, it is needed.

  3. Jim, thank you for the blog and your thoughtful words. Yes, you would think that the police would use the press but that’s not the case here. I think your flyer day idea is great and I would like to try to organize something like that in the future. If anyone would be interested in helping/organizing with that please let me know either through a blog or an email to this website. Jim, thanks for telling me not to give up looking for my brother-I don’t ever plan to. Stephanie

  4. Craig Anderson says:


    Suz and I are crushed by this latest event that has happened to y’all. Our prayers are with you and I will distribute this news to all of Dan’s many friends in Parker.

    Let’s put the power of prayer to work!

    We love you, Craig and Suzanne Anderson

  5. Craig and Suz-your support is much appreciated by me and my family. Thanks for sending this around to your Parker people-I believe the more people that know and the more we keep the word out there, the sooner we will get some resolution. With love and appreciation, Stef

  6. Norm Panezich says:

    Hi Dan & Stef,

    We live here and did know about this. We will place a call to the gov’s office. Keep your hope alive and we will pray with you.


  7. keith says:

    I hope you find John. Stay postivie.

  8. Patrick Daly says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this terrible event that is unfolding within your family. Your family is in my thoughts & prayers. Saty strong!

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