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Here’s a link to a great story about the search:
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  1. Kelley Harris says:

    I just saw the episode of “Disappeared” and saw all the efforts made by the family and friends of John Spira, I was so touched by the story, I came to the website for John Spira and started reading all the monthly updates. Since I saw in the episode of “Disappeared” that the amazing banner you put up, not once but twice was torn down or destroyed. I did have a thought, which I am sure this has already been thought of, but…better safe than sorry. Did a another banner get put up? If so, I thought it would be interesting to have the area under surveillance to see if the people responsible could be identified. Seriously…they can’t be that smart to go back a second time…which is good news because you know these people will make a mistake and all the friends and family you can tell are not only dedicated, but very clever and smart and the truth will come out and as was said earlier “shit will hit the fan”! I wish I was closer…I would be happy to help in the search…you will be in my prayers and I know you will get answers.

    So sorry…got off subject, when I went to read the the update for October 2008, I saw a link to click on…when I clicked on it, I got this message:

    .Page not Found
    We’re sorry. The page you’ve requested no longer exists.

    Please check the spelling of the address.

    If you feel you’re reached this page in error, please contact us.

    I thought you probably already know this, but since the banners that were put up were taken down or destroyed…now this “page” is gone? Not sure if it means anything, but it can’t hurt to check it out.

    I will keep John and his family and friends in my prayers, he truly has amazing friends and family. He sounds like an incredible person, you can see it in the eyes of his loved ones when they talk about him.

    Kelley Harris
    Greenwood, IN.

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