Thank you

Once again I’m overwhelmed by the help and support so many gave over the weekend to assist in our search for John. Though I am profoundly disappointed we didn’t find anything leading us to John, I’m equally moved by the fact that friends, family and complete strangers came from near and far, to help me and my family. I’d really like to thank Anne Bielby with for her determination and helping with the organization of the search, Dan Woodruff for helping with the maps, Eric Lorenz for his communications effort, the DuPage County Sheriff’s Dept. for their assistance, Detective Troy Peacock for helping search and organize; the Jewel grocery store for providing an abundance of bottled water, Panera Bread Co., for providing enough bread and bagels for a small army; Brian of Brian’s Charhouse for allowing us to use his property, tables, tents and providing food and for his overall kindness, compassion and sincerity in trying to find John; ABC TV and WLS TV for airing our search along with other media that have covered the search in their papers, the Olsen family who came to search while going through their own turmoil in the search for their son, Bradley; Kinko’s in St. Charles for providing many colored copies, and Country Inn and Suites, and it’s manager, Bill Hannen, for allowing me to stay at their hotel in St. Charles at no charge so I could be closer to John. Again, my deepest thanks. Stephanie

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  1. Alan says:

    I’m finding it a bit peculiar that John had settled the pending divorce with his soon-to-be ex-wife on the morning of his disappearance. Additionally there has never been any mention of his wife in any media stories. Seems a bit fishy to me.

  2. Debe Welch says:


    I’m sorry nothing was found on the search. My prayers for John are ongoing. Count me in on any additional searches. There is something somewhere waiting to be found.


  3. Ann says:

    This case is as strange as the Lisa Stebic case. I pray for Johnny’s family and friends that there is some resolution to this mystery…

  4. Bazuhi says:

    I was looking at area photos of where his business is located on countyfarm rd. To the east of his location is a storage area for campers, mobil homes, boats, panel trucks and vehicles of all sorts. Then next to that is an actual storage facility. I am wondering since I know several forest preserves have been searched if any of these areas have been looked into. Have any of the actual vehicles have been individually been looked thru even the boats and then has the the actual storage building been searched, pod by pod? I wouldnt rely on a dog for that type of search since I am not aware of any cadavor dogs trained in this area for that type of search. There are also so many fields between his business and two cell phone towers and any small lot may be overlooked and on those propreties could be small retention ponds like properties both to the east and west and the lake of Kline Creek farm. Property boundries may never get walked thru since on each side it has been maintained…remember all areas need to be checked every small stone turned..I wish I could help but with my schedule I can’t so I am trying to use what I can via the net etc……..I just wanted to make sure these things were looked into and not trying to make anyone think I think they are stupid and not think of this already. Everyone is trying and with emotions running high and multi agencies investigating with everyone trying to find the same end result communication can be put to the wayside and things can be overlooked. I have my blessing to all the families with loved ones missing…

  5. bk says:

    I think this story deserves as much publicity as the other cases in the news (Stebic/Vaughan). Is it because John is male that the story is not as “hot” to the media? It really burns me.

    I also find the ex-wife connection suspicious. Perhaps I shouldnt…..but since know one has said anything with regards to the “tenor” of the divorce…we are left to speculate.

    I keep hoping that something will be found regarding John.

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