Thanks for your support…

Thanks for all the emails regarding John’s case; it’s so helpful to know that people are paying attention to this situation. It is still my hope that the police will start referring to this as murder instead of missing persons. So we’re extremely disappointed they have blown off Tad Dibiase who could have helped in that regard as he is the country’s foremost expert on prosecuting no body murder cases. Hopefully it’s just a glitch and the police will work with him but we’ve been waiting since February and don’t understand the delay.

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  1. Cubby says:

    Thank you. I know you can not be on all the forums or blogs which discuss Johns case and it is nice for us to have one place to contact family and discuss or ask questions about the case directly with family. We can always link back here as the source of information

    Know your brother has not been forgotten and will never be forgotten.
    We are praying with you and for you and your family to find the answers you/we all continue to seek.


  2. Steve Anderson says:

    I just watched the show on ID about Johns disappearance. Mind boggling. I wish you guys nothing but the best at finding John and bringing those who are responsable to justice…….Steve Anderson

  3. Tom says:

    Not only has the Police Dept grossly neglected this case, but the fact that they refuse outside help is terrible.

    Assuming he didn’t voluntarily disappear, (everyone but the police seem to think this) there’s a murderer on the loose.

    Have more banners been put up & destroyed? Perhaps putting 24hr watch on them to catch the person destroying them?

    My prayers are with you in your search for answers.

  4. l frank says:

    Has John’s the ex wife been investigated or considered a suspect. i mean the divorce settlement was so close. there was no mention of her even been considered a suspect in the “Disappeared” show episode.

  5. Kim Thunert says:

    My greatest sympathies go out to your family. I just watched “Disappeared”, (July 1, 2010), and am so curious how much his now ex-wife was investigated. It was clear she didn’t want the divorce but did want the house they still shared. Was she going to have to leave their family home in their new divorce agreement. I’ve also read in an article that she has since denied that there was any new agreement. Did she get any financial compensation when his business burned down?
    So many questions….I can’t begin to imagine the heartbreak much less the frustration you all are going through. My prayers go out to all of you!
    Kim Thunert

  6. Mikkel says:

    1. I haven’t seen many on the shows, but, good idea looking at wife?
    2. He could have runned away, like he was mad of something, or was flying (still mad), and the plane just crashed or something?
    3. My last thought is suicide, do you think he would think about that?

    – I have feelings in this case, sorry of your lost.. :(.

  7. Just finished watching Disappeared on I.D. I am very sorry for your anguish of the unknown about your beloved John. He sounded like everybody’s ideal friend, brother, son, boyfriend and boss. The police have to step it up in this case. They have drug their feet long enough. The wife is certainly suspect. It would obviously take more than one person to destroy that banner. Have you tried offering a reward? Someone knows something, someone has seen something. Did the police excavate around the areas that were newly dug and readied to lay new cable? With the heavy earth moving equipment he owned and the large sheet of plastic wrap missing I would say he is buried somewhere in the radius of the cell towers his phone was pinging off of. I am sure all my questions have been considered and looked into already. But my frustration begs me to probe. One way or another I know the family would like to know where he is and bring him home. So very sorry for your loss of his presents in your daily lives. Linda Wimer

  8. Gooby says:

    Stef, Thanks to Joe Hosey of the Sun Times Media Network, there is another article in todays local paper , critical of the Dupage Sherrifs Department.

    It seems that unless you have a way to help him get elected again, SHerrif Zuruba will not pay attention to your case. HOw embarassing for a member of his community like myself.

    Never hesitate to let me know if there is something I can do to help.

  9. Wilson Dell'Isola says:

    Hi Spira Family.
    I just saw the documentary at Discovery Channel and i’m really sorry of your lost.
    I send my prayers from Brazil.
    Wilson Dell’Isola

  10. Daniel Gimenez says:

    Dear Spira Family:

    (Sorry for my English …) My name is Daniel Gimenez, I am Argentine, I have 30 years and I am absolutely shocked by the case of John. I know “Chicago Johnny” through a documentary about his disappearance on “Discovery Channel.”

    Please know that despite not having lived a similar situation to which you are suffering, in Argentina are used to hear cases of missing persons. For over 30 years our people continued calling for justice for the 30 000 who disappeared during the military dictatorship in the 70s. (On this site you can know more about this terrible story.

    Anyway… John’s case is different because there is not a group of dictators linked to his disappearance, but I am convinced that there was not a voluntary disappearance, someone is responsible.

    On the other hand, I want to tell you that I am also a musician and I fully understand the passion that “Chicago Johnny” feel for music and his guitar, especially living in Chicago and being a lover of Blues.

    I really feel identified with their struggle and persistence to find John. I’m sure I would do the same, “if I knew that tomorrow the world ends, I would plant a tree today.” So never let the hopelessness prevails because “hopelessness is founded on what we know, that’s nothing, and hope is founded on we do not know, what that’s all.

    Sending you my support and all my love. Have faith …!

    Daniel Gimenez … from Argentina.

  11. ARTURO DURAND says:

    Hello, i’ve never done something like this, i saw John’s case at the Discovery Channel, i’m sorry for this situation with the people who love him… besides that i just found curious the following and i want to help in anyway, im also an airman….

    When they said in the program that the big sign infront of John’s office was removed just the night later when it was posted.. i immediately thought of putting another and having it recorded and wait…. i knew another was posted but not recorded…. it was also removed and John’s office burned right?? i don’t really know but i thought of the one who removed it thinking about camcorders set at John’s office… and thats maybe why he/she burned it.. to have the evidence destroyed??……

    Sorry to hear of this situation happening to a colleague.

  12. Patricia Landino says:

    I’ve just watched the program about the John’s case, I’m concerned. Two things: 1. I Have watched at Descovery Chanel a lot of programs of missing people at the United States, (I live in Mexico) and must of them have been resolved with the support of psiquic serchers, always woman, who can feel energy of the missing people, the place where their body is, alive or dead, and of the one who is involved on the case. I know that form must of the people is hard to belive in this, but even police and detectives have recognized the invaluable help they had of those woman to find out what happened who did it, in case of murder, and where is the body and prove. Descovery chanel production must know well about this. 2. If someone took of the advertisment of Jhon’s disappearance that is clearly a clue, you could watch or put cameras, to see who is doing that. It is unbilivable that american police is not creative finding ways of connecting and searching those clues. I really hope you find your brother and know what happened to hem. He seemed a good person.

  13. Patricia Landino says:

    I’ve just watched the program about the John’s case, I’m concerned. Two things: 1. I Have watched at Descovery Chanel a lot of programs of missing people at the United States, (I live in Mexico) and must of them have been resolved with the support of psiquic serchers, always woman, who can feel energy of the missing people, the place where their body is, and who did it. I know for a lot of people is hard to belive, but even police and detectives have recognized the invaluable help they had of those woman to made justice on cases of murder. 2. If someone took of the advertisment of Jhon’s disappearance that is clearly a clue, you could watch or put cameras, to see who is doing that. The fact of the partner was the last who saw him call my attention, It is unbilivable that american police is not creative finding ways of connecting and searching those clues. I really hope you find your brother and know what happened to hem. He seemed a good person.

  14. tulio says:

    me parece haber visto a este hombre en méxico, df vi esta historia en “Desaparecidos” de Discovery Channel, es increíble como la policía no hace nada al respecto, hace como 6 meses estuve en México y me parece haberlo visto, no tengo más información y no pierdan la fé. SUERTE

  15. Heloise says:

    My name is Heloise and I live in Brazil. I watched the episode on the Discovery Channel Brazil. I think you should put a banner and keep an eye on who is the person who made the cut. And also hire an expert on fires to discover the cause of the fire at the factory of John. Also investigate ex-wife. Everything seems so obvious I do not understand how you have not yet found. Well, I hope that one day you solve this case.

  16. Laura says:

    I am of Argentina, and I saw the case of John in discovery and it draws attention to me that the ex- wife is not suspicious, since she from the beginning did not want to give it by missing person. Perhaps the case follows as disappearance or changed already it to murder? Moan much the suffering, I hope to be abreast of you, thanks.

  17. Laura says:

    I am again forgets, me to say to them, I see a program of a very famous criminologist, or that I create, who investigate and solve cases also pass, them through the TV, she is called dave thus hamingey or something, now I do not decide me, but not habria some possibility that you make him arrive the case from John at your hands. I promise to give outside necessary the exact name them if. Force and faith.

  18. Marijó Valen says:

    I saw the reportage of the disappearance of Mr. Spira is a situation that just makes me think that your wife has to be investigated carefully, because a woman is hurt and sick psychologically capable of doing crazy things we know the background of his daughter also like ° the claim should not be not afraid ° and she fears the lie detector as well as a partner. The partner of the company likewise has to be investigated, it is unfortunate that the police refuse to work Yanta this is that as the family of Jonh do everything possible but I think there are ways to make new discoveries, maybe a friend the wife who is confident or that a person has friends with her for this, women know how to do things, there are ways, you just have to find the best. This cotemplado who already have heart and I hope soon to know where and who is ° Spira ¨ cause of his disappearance. We know from heart that is his wife.

  19. diana says:

    HEYY HI!!


  20. G Bailey says:

    Spira Family,
    I watched the television show concerning John last week. I don’t want to say sorry for your loss, because like you I am a determined person who tries not to lose faith. There are so many things that boggled me, but there is one concrete thing that I do know, that I am sure you will agree with and it is the ex wife. When watching the show, I didn’t hear a lot mentioned about her being the main suspect nor do I remember much being said from law enforcement implicating it at all. Just seems too coincidental that he was only a day away of finalizing his divorce and starting a new life, and he just vanishes? I feel that they are just treating this as a coldcase instead of a homicide because there would be more investigating to do. He had a girlfriend, a family, and his biggest passion his music, so him walking away from what was going to be a fresh start in his life seems impossible. Why after he disappears, his warehouse burns down, and still no one is implicating the wife? We watch show, we see how messy divorces can get and how a person can be angry and do something on an impulse. If by chance, he has gone home to the lord, you and your family have the right for him to go home to have closure and say goodbye. I am so sure that whomever harmed him is someone you know, and believe you not it will keep eating and eating. I believe whatever may have happened will eventually surface, and I hope your family gets the answers you need. No human being has the right to harm or take someone’s life and walk around everyday like they have no care in the world. My thoughts are with you. I am from Ohio and though a bit away anything I can do please email me at and I will help, if its to try to raise money, get flyers out, just anything. Please take care and don’t give up. He will come back home!!!!!!We have to believe that!

  21. Mariano says:

    He visto su caso en Discovery Channel y si el programa refleja la realidad, pienso que se ha llevado una muy mala investigación.
    La principal sospechosa es su ex mujer pero ella no fue investigada.
    Ella no quería darle el divorcio y cuándo accedió, fue porque tenía resuelta su venganza, la muerte de él, quizás un sicario.
    No existe peor odio que la ira y la venganza de una mujer despechada.
    No lo busquen a él, investiguen profundamente a su ex mujer
    Gracias, lamento su perdida y suerte.

    I have seen their case in Discovery Channel and if the program reflects the reality, I think that a very bad investigation has been taken.
    The main suspect is her former wife but she was not well investigated.
    She didn’t want to give him the divorce and when she consented, it was because she had resolved their vengeance, the death of him, maybe an assassin hired.
    Doesn’t exist worse hate that the vengeance of an enraged woman.
    Don’t look for him, investigate their former wife deeply
    Thank you, sorry of your lost and a lot of luck

  22. recien termino de ver el documental en discovery chanell y estoy conmovido y lo primero que hice al terminar de verlo es entrar a su sitio para saber un poco mas sobre de cordoba, Argentina
    desde aca les mando mi apoyo y espero que se descubra la verdad sobre lo sucedido…
    leyendo en este sitio me entere sobre otros puntos que no se mencionan en el documental como la negacion del acuerdo de divorcio por parte de susane y la negacion de participacion en el documental por parte del socio…creo que la investigacion debe ir por ese lado…tambien puedo ver la falta de compromiso de las autoridades locales, lo cual es vergonsozo…
    me despido mandandoles un fuerte abrazo y rezo porque se conozca la verdad de lo ocurrido asi john, sus familiares y amigos puedan estar en paz. sigan asi y mucha suerte…nunca bajen los brazos

    con cariño y afecto…gonzalo (Argentina)

  23. Hello, I have seen on television for the disappearance. Why not put more posters and put the posters look to see if anyone out?, Security cameras also can serve. Demand that the mayor and the authorities to reopen the case, you may not interview the ex-wife and Dave.

    Greetings from Iquitos, Rio Amazonas, Peru.

  24. Monica says:

    Hi!! I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico and I had watched the show today in Discovery channel. Why don’t you ask information about your brother with a ‘vidente’ I mean there are special people that have a ‘gift’ and can see what we can’t.
    I know someone that can help you guys.
    I’m so sorry about your lost.

  25. Hi, I have seen the case of the disappearance on TV. Why not put other posters search and wait if someone removes the sign?. Security cameras may also help. Tell the mayor and the authorities to reopen the case, make social pressure with several firms to reopen the case. Interviewing the former wife and Dave.

    Greetings from Iquitos, Rio Amazonas, Peru

  26. Rodrigo says:

    For any family of John Spira.
    I saw the story about the mysterious disappearance of John Spira. I hope the bottom of my heart that you may find the answer to this great mystery. Compliment all of you for persevering in the search.
    At these times we would like to be able to help more effectively. However, you can be assured that I will pray for you all.


    Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

  27. melina says:

    hola!!soy de argentina me uno con la familia de john!!!!!!nunca bajen los brazos,estoy segura de que el esta con vida,soy vidente y me atrevo a ddecir que el esta vivo!!!

  28. Hola espero que puedan leer este mensaje tengo una idea para que puedan tener mas información para su búsqueda.
    Como observé en “desaparecidos” una persona incendiaba los carteles que informaban que John Spira Había desaparecido, yo me pregunto por que no ponen otra vez el cartel en el mismo lugar donde lo destruyeron, pero esta vez con una pequeña cámara oculta para ver quien lo hizo. Podría servirles de mucho y se podría develar donde se encuentra John Spira.
    Muchas gracias por leer el mensaje, espero que les sirva de ayuda.
    Leonardo Pedro Steinweg Buenos Aires Argentina.

  29. Hi hope you can read this message I have an idea for them to have more information for your search.
    As noted in “missing” posters on fire a person who reported that John Spira was gone, I wonder why not put the bill again in the same place where it was destroyed, but this time with a small hidden camera to see who made. It could serve a lot and could reveal where he is John Spira.
    Thank you very much for reading the message, I hope they might help.

  30. Leonardo says:

    Hello, I am a citizen of Buenos Aires Argentina Discovery Chanell saw someone tore posters disappeared from john, could put some esconddida camera behind a lineup of “disappeared” and if they catch him they could help get information about john Greetings

  31. Marcelo says:

    We saw your story on TruTV. We hope with all our hearts your search will reach good port, and you will enjoy John again. Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina and good luck.

  32. Cubby says:


    A month or two back an article was in the news regarding the remains found in May 2009 in the Des Plaines River in Channahon IL possibly being Johns. And your wanting confirmation regarding the DNA.

    I thought I would let you know the remains have been identified as Scott Dudko, 32 missing from Woodridge IL.

    Media article identifying Scott.,4_1_JO27_BODY_S1-100727.article

    Websleuths thread for this former UID

    You may edit the Websleuths link if you wish.

    I will keep you posted as I see any local media you may be interested in where John has been discussed.

    Take care and your brother is never far from my mind. Still praying daily for answers.


  33. Dish says:

    I just watched the disappeared show that aired on the 1st of July. I as well as others i see are just dumbfounded. It shouldn’t be that hard to investigate everyone involved in or around John’s life. That should be a given! I wish you and your family all the best. By the way the banner is down again. Not sure if it was the most recent storms or if someone took it down again. I live down the street and was sad to see that it was gone.

    Best wishes to you and yours

  34. Ivar says:

    I’m very sad that to hear that he’s still missing. Here in Estonia recently a woman dissapeared and they investigate it now as a murder not as a missing person case. It gives more legal power. It seems to me that the local investigators are not doing a good job investigating John Spira case. I’d say rather shitty job, because it is not a big area to investigate and yes, they should change the case to a murder case. It also seems to me they are not cooperative.

  35. My considered opinion is that somebody really really close has the key to this investigation. It is clearly a Homicide….
    Richard J Dolan
    1426 BST 08/08/2010 UNITED KINGDOM

  36. Derek Hartley says:

    Just watched a repeat of the show on Discovery I.D. I’m a police officer. Ray Charles could see that the ex-wife is involved. She would have never tried selling his property, or changing her story. The business partner is a suspect as well. Innocent people cooperate, guilty people don’t. All things I know you all are aware of already. To late to try catching anyone on camera taking down banners, they moved away. The phone was pinging when the GF was calling him and he couldn’t answer. They knew this and got his phone and damaged it. How about their cell records? What towers were they pinging off during that time frame?

    Best of luck. This is a solvable case.

  37. marti Karol says:

    I just saw the show. I hope they checked the estranged wife. Did she volunteer a lie detector test? I think that police dept is disgraceful. Caes can be built out of circumstantial evidence, and I wonder whether the police are lazy or helping hide something? My prayers go out to all of the family.

  38. al says:

    I believe the divorce brought something to the surface that the business partner was hiding. John may have told his partner what his money plans where because of his divorce and his partner realized that the jig was going to be up. This may have led to a confession by the partner, which led to an argument where John said when his divorce was finalized he would deal with him maybe legally. This made the partner sit and stew goimg over what would happen to him so at the last minute he struck him after he got off the phone.

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