Thanks to AMW and Fox News Chicago

John was on AMW tonight. We’ve been waiting a long time for this and though it was just a short statement about him we’re so grateful to AMW for airing anything at all. Most missing men never receive any national media attention so again, we’re happy they aired his picture. We’d also like to thank Fox News Chicago for the spot they did on John and for their continued interest in his story. Thanks for watching! Stephanie

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3 Responses to Thanks to AMW and Fox News Chicago

  1. JM says:

    This case is so weird. . . . . . it seems that everyone knows a little more than they are willing to say. In particular his band members, the dummy photographer, his ex wife, the police and all sorts of other people withholding info that could help solve this case. It almost seems that there should be an organized crime factor to this case, like seriously we have a likely arson, a missing person (who happens to own a business let alone a contracting company), the police completely ignoring the situation, and absolutelty no media coverage whether local or national. This is a *@*&@*&@ shame.

  2. J.M.Y. says:

    Fantastic news Stef & Tommy, really hope it helps ! Wish I’d of caught the airing of it but I didn’t see this post until today,….Daaaaangit.

  3. rm says:

    Why in Gods name is this not getting the publicity that the Drew Peterson case did from day one. His estranged wife has EVERYTHING to do with his disappearance and she is not named a suspect. Lord have mercy.

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