The second sign is down

Just after I posted my last blog, I learned that someone, once again, has taken down the sign. This time it was dismantled and lying on the ground. It seems obvious to me that whomever is messing with the signs is also involved in John’s disappearance because who else but a cold blooded murderer could be so callous? The sign was located, like the first, directly across from and facing Universal Cable Construction Company. On both occasions we had permission from the property owner to post the signs. The first one had been up less than 48 hours before it disappeared around the same time John’s business burned down. If anyone has any information about this please call Detective Joe Delguidas at 630-407-2326. Stephanie

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  1. Al says:

    I’m sorry to hear about John. I am from St. Charles so this is why John’s case has caught my attention. One suggestion is to put up another sign and then have a hidden camera or cameras filming it so that if it is taken down again, the perpetrator will be caught in the act. Secondly, has anyone searched Pratt’s Wayne Woods? I know there are a few small lakes there and lots of woods, obviously. Once again, I am sorry to hear about John and hope that my words have been helpful to you. -Al

  2. bk says:

    Surely someone must see the sign being torn down? Security cameras? Someone?

  3. chris says:

    How terribly bizzare and hurtful. I feel so sorry for John’s family.

  4. Olsen's says:

    Steph and Family, I just can’t believe that someone would have enough nerve to take down another sign, and the fact that noone has seen this happen. Where are the Police? That’s a pretty busy area, plus the time and effort it would take to dismantle the sign. We have continually had disappearing posters in certain areas. It’s the people that are guilty – taking them down. However, no one has done anyting to our Billboards.

    Good Luck in your future Searches and working with EquuSearch.

    Our Hearts are with you…

  5. dementia999 says:

    Hi! Long story short, I drive by John’s business every day, twice daily, on my way to work. I didn’t know the fire and John were connected until I checked out the website. I’m speachless as to all this, and I hope and pray that John is found soon. From what I’ve read, he seems a pretty decent guy.

    In regards to the sign, I noticed that it was starting to fall apart, so to speak, about a week or more ago. The lumber used to hold it up was starting to cave in. I think it may have been from the high winds we have been experiencing lately. I was going to contact your website to tell you about it, but I had never had the chance. Then I noticed that it was down on the ground for a day or so. It looked like it had completely caved. Then it was gone for a day or so, and now it’s up on the fence by the forest preserve ground’s keepers property. I look for it every day.

    Like I said, I drive by the company ruins every day and I see quite a bit of activity there. Trucks and cars going in and out. Are they still working from that site? Considering the buiding is pretty much destroyed, I couldn’t help but wonder how they are operating there.

    As I’ve only been driving this way to work since June, I couldn’t help but notice, after reading about John and what has happened, that there is quite a bit of forest, ponds, corn fields, etc. on my drive in to Wheaton down County Farm Road/Barrington. I know you have had arial searches and things of that nature, but have you checked further north down County Farm/Barrington towards Hanover Park?

    All in all, I hope John is found soon, and that all of this will be explained so that the family can have some peace of mind.

  6. dementia999 says:

    Oh, and one more thing, just out of idle curiosity – why isn’t the sign posted on the business’s property? Surely the company would be most concerned about the owner enough to place a sign there?!?! I find that most odd.

  7. joanne says:

    I am sorry for your loss, and do hope that you find some answers soon. There are some very strange happenings in this case that I read about online.
    I do agree with the hidden cameras being set up, but have you also thought of billboards where it is much harder to dismantle and generates more traffic for John to be seen?

    Good Luck!

  8. CR says:

    You don’t know me but we were passing through the area of your search for John in May and while staying at a local hotel one of your fliers was placed on our car windshield. I have been checking your sight ever since. Just wanted you to know there are people supporting you…and praying you’ll finally get some closure and answers to John’s disappearance. My best to you.

  9. TLK says:

    Now that the seasons are changing and the dense foiliage of Spring and Summer will be gone, perhaps there can be another search of a specified area by foot. After reading all of the information and that there was an area where the cell phone was, maybe a search can be done using metal detectors to find the phone. That’s probably already been done though.
    If there will be another search on foot, I would gladly volunteer my time.

  10. Lisa Caetano says:

    What I want to know is, why did Suzanne & Dave wait so long after John “disappeared” to burn down the business & did the banner really bother them that bad that they angrily tore it down, since it was facing in their faces everyday?

    Also, why did Suzanne move away? Also, did Suzanne ever get involved in any searches or donate to any of the funds for John’s search, even just to make herself look like she cared?

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