The Sign

Fortunately for John’s business partner, David Stubben,
the landowners who previously allowed us to put up the
signs have refused to allow us to post more signs. By
the way, it’s much easier said than done considering
I do not live in the Chicago area.

I will be in Chicago next month for the 4 month anniversary
of John’s disappearance. I plan to hand out flyers and
if anyone would like to help feel free to download and
post flyers. Also, be sure to contact Sheriff Zaruba and
ask what is happening with the investigation. Thanks

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2 Responses to The Sign

  1. Judi says:

    Interesting that the landowners who were willing to cooperate are no longer willing to help. Why don’t they want another sign on their property? What harm could it possibly do? I think now would be the perfect time to put another sign/banner up. Years have passed and the guilty party knows they’ve gotten away with murder. If a 3rd banner is put up this person will no doubt remove it again. Keep eyes on the banner 24/7 and you’ll find who killed John. Is there another property owner in that vicinity who would be willing to allow the sign on their property?

  2. I recently saw a case in which the murderer was found when the family of the deceased put up fliers and saw that they were being ripped down and defaced. The family took it upon themselves to put up more fliers, and then videotape the place in which they posted the flier, only to catch the culprit on camera as she was ripping it down once again….Just a thought. I hope you get your answers. It is so comforting to see such a persistent family, and I only hope someone would do the same for me if I were in your situation. Highest regards.

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