Time for lie detector tests…

It’s been 2 years since John’s disappearance and as we all know, this is not a case of a man walking away from his life. John was murdered on 2/23/07.

The last person to see John alive was David Stubben, John’s business partner of 17 years. Dave has stated he has nothing to do with this but we have been told that Dave was angry with John over financial issues, and, heavy duty plastic sheeting was found to be missing from John’s workplace when the police did their initital search in the early morning hours of 2/25/07. Dave cut off all communication with me in April of 2007, never gave us the $2500.00 he promised for our search fund and has declined on more than 1 occasion to take a lie detector test? Why?

John had been going through a nasty divorce and on 2/23/07, he and his wife Suzanne, entered into a marital settlement agreement. It was to be signed off by the court on 3/8/07. That was never to occur because John was murdered prior to the divorce being finalized. Just a few short weeks later Suzanne was reported to have been attempting to get John’s antique amplifiers appraised at a local music shop. Within days of John’s disappearance Suzanne “lawyered” up (though she had no money to contribute to our search fund and has yet to contribute a dime). She also has lawyerS working on her probate matter wherein she’s trying to get information on a $500,000.00 life insurance policy as well as a stock investment that has a potential payout of between $4,000,000.00 and $5,000,000.00 in the very near future. (Her petition for appointment of letters of administration is filed in the Kane County Circuit Court Probate dept for those of you who are interested. She too has declined lie detector tests. Why?

Neither of these people are suspects or even persons of interest and that is because the police are still viewing this as a missing persons case. I have been working very hard trying to get answers for 2 years. I have left my family in Phoenix at least 14 times to go back to Chicago and organize searches, pass out flyers, get media attention and interest from the police. I’m tired. It would save me and the police alot of mental energy and time if Dave and Suzanne would simply take lie detector tests so that they can be cleared and the investigation can proceed.

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  1. J.M.Y. says:

    Agreed, it’s way past time for them! If no wrongs were committed, then wouldn’t one want to have a clear lie detector test, to hold up and say, SEE!? I think I have a pretty good feel of your thoughts on this case Stef, and I’m of the same standing. As I think most of us are here.
    This 2-yr meeting at Johns shop must of come about rather quickly, because I try to check in here often for updates, didn’t catch it in time & totally missed the gathering….Sorry!

    My best to the family, we’re always thinking of you & John! The best guitarist, I ever had the privilege of playing with.


  2. kirsten says:

    I came across John’s story haphazardly, as a result of a Foxnews.com story about a body being discovered on the Illinois River shore. Reading the details of John’s disappearance, I am sickened that the police are taking such a cavalier position about it! I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE IS SUCH A DOUBLE-STANDARD WHEN IT COMES TO WHETHER A MISSING PERSON IS A MAN OR A WOMAN. Also, I cannot fathom a police force choosing to so blatantly overlook circumstances that clearly indicate (at least) two people with formidable motives for wanting John dead. Had John been a woman, their decision would have been to fervently investigate this matter as a potential homicide. I know I’m not saying anything new here, but I do feel that somehow, the Chicago police force needs to be held to task for this discrepancy. John was in no way a “high-risk” victim; well-regarded, successful, well-established people do not just step out and walk away from everything–and if ANYONE on the presiding police force thinks that is a viable explanation, they really ought to be re-evaluated for competency.

    I do believe that (most of the time) what goes around eventually comes back around. I know it’s not of any comfort to John’s family or friends in the interim, but I believe if you all resist the feelings of futility (which I’m sure dealing with such incompetency must evoke), eventually you will find the right button to push, or the right person who is going to help get the gears turning toward finding justice for John.

    I, for one, will bookmark this site and keep tabs your progress. My hope is that you can find a way to garner more attention (nationally, even! Living in VA, this is the first I’d ever heard of John’s case) in hopes of forcing the Chicago police to take action and more aggressively investigate this crime. If something like this could happen to someone like John, it truly could happen to anyone. Surely there has to be ONE person with common sense who is in a position to assist you in your quest to find answers and bring justice against those responsible for John’s demise. Best of luck to you all!

  3. Yes, John was absolutely a wonderful guy yet I’m continually asked: “do you think he was having mental problems, was he on drugs, was he stressed out, did he owe people money, did he hang out with the wrong people….?” all with the insinuation that he must have either voluntarily left or that he somehow caused his demise. The answer to all those questions is a resounding NO!!! John was completely together, he was looking forward to being divorced from Suzanne, he did not use drugs at all, did not abuse alcohol, did not owe money to anyone, except Universal Cable the company he owned with Dave Stubben, did not hang out with “undesirables” though in hindsight it is clear that some of those he thought were his friends were absolutely not. There’s just nothing bad to say. Albeit, I’m biased as he was my brother. But I think most would agree he was an awesome guy, a totally unique individual, always happy and would never, ever, ever, walk away from his life.

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