Update on remains found, John Spira

Press Release: Sheriff Investigates Found Human Remains
Sheriff’s detectives are asking for the public’s help in identifying human remains that were found April 13th in the Herrick Lake Forest Preserve in unincorporated Wheaton.
The investigation so far has determined that the victim has a very distinct teeth pattern, with missing teeth in the front. Also the victim was possibly wearing a grey sweat shirt with a logo on the left front saying “Little Nicky,” with a brand name of the Hanes, in the size of Extra Large.
At this time the sex and race of the victim are still unknown and the cause of death is still under investigation.
If anyone has any information or knows of a missing person fitting any of the description listed they are asked to call the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations at 630-407-2400.
Updates will made when further information becomes available. (End of press release)

John didn’t wear extra large and I can’t imagine him wearing sweats. Someone else could have put those clothes on him but I’m thinking probably not John…..still waiting for the coroner’s office to make their determination.

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  1. Kathy Bunch says:

    I just saw the story of John and my first thought was his wife. She had alot to loose so was wondering if she was checked out. It never mentioned anything about the divorce or what happened with the divorce since he went missing before the final date. Just a thought I’m sure it was looked at.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. dan says:

    I just saw this too, I thought the same thing why not the wife? Also I ussed to live in DuPage county, and I am sad to say that those detectives are complete morons. I mean the sign gets torn down twice and his building set on fire, and no one did a steak-out of the sign? or put up cameras? seriously? That person obviously was the wife or someone who had a deep resentment for john spira, Im shocked at this whole story. Taking so long to first look for him, then it snows and now nothing. Unreal!

  3. dan says:

    Im still thinking about this, and looking at the area, and maps. Things 100% it has to be some one he knew. Then thinking of the wrapping that was missing? Seriously? How could this not be solved. This happened too close to where I ussed to live. WOW now I just read more of this case, and his partner Dave looks too good for it. What is wrong with these people? Both the wife and buisness partner look like they could be working together. They both refuse lie detectors? Come on. I feel like a broken record here, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE AND THE WAY THE LAW WORKS? This looks like an easy open shut case, that is if they had reasonable and professional people working it.

  4. Rebecca Upton says:

    I just watch the story about John and my first thoughts also was his wife. They never said anything about her.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  5. Mike says:

    Either the wife was sleeping with a DuPage cop or with the partner. Either way, the whole thing wreaks of politics and deception. Follow the money and who would benefit from him missing.

  6. Donna says:

    I believe it was a business associate and/or business transaction (not his partner) that was either shady or “John knew too much”…I would look for any business deals he may have been working on….I believe he met someone at his place of work, they went out to talk business and he was killed…..if it wasnt a robbery or a crime of passion situation, I think it has to do with white collar/extortion type of crime..I believe he knew the person somewhat casually….

  7. Rick says:

    When I saw this story aired on tv tonight, my first thought was rebuild an even larger sign and have a stake-out or camera’s secretly installed….put them up before the sign goes up so nobody knows. Remotely control the lens because whomever tore the first signs down will not like this one up either. Would they be stupid enough to tear it down a third time? One can only hope so……all the best to the family in seeing this case come to a close. Rick

  8. Jack says:

    What jobs were being escavated at the time of death. If the partner was involved he used equipment to dig a hole and wrap the body in plastic. Check the job sites or ask workers if equipment was transfered out of the area at the time, if they still remember.

  9. A Orona says:

    Hi, I too suspect the wife. His girlfriend said she made a phone call to his wife and she could not be reached. I would like to know if she has an alibi? Maybe they should check her cell phone pings and see if she was in the area of his business at the time he disappeared. It is possible she showed up at his place of work and she convinced him to ride with her and talk over dinner and something happened. I would look at her more closely, there’s a reason she wasnt concerned he had suddenly gone missing and had to be convinced to file a missing persons report. Also, maybe you can look into traffic cameras near his work for vehicles that look like hers and/or any survalence cameras in the area. I really feel for your family and hope that some leads come up soon.

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